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Getting to know Ireland Wikipedia: Ireland History, including prehistoric Ireland, politics, economy, geography, flora and fauna, demographics, and culture. Information about the Government of Ireland can be found on this site as well. eThemes: Ireland  Links to Irish related information including: National symbols, population, climate, languages, a quiz, Ancient Ireland, maps […]

Chinese New Year

Chinese Zodiac Celebrate Chinese New Year with these fun, cultural activities…Funschooling and Recreational Learning: Tangrams – Make your own Tangram pieces and puzzles. Make your own Zodiac Mat or Wheel As you find out about each zodiac symbol, glue that icon to a mat or wheel and add information about […]

Rock & Mineral Resources

Types of Rocks & Minerals Rocks & Minerals by Fran W. Scholastic: StudyJams: Minerals – Site offers pictures with information under each one.Science Kids: Rocks & Minerals – Earth facts about rocks and minerals.One Geology:Rocks & Minerals – Kid friendly interactive site.Interactive Sites For Education: Rocks & Minerals – Click on a window to go to […]

RMS Titanic

RMS Titanic Sputnik News: RMS Titanic – Site offers an infographic that allows visitors to click on different areas to get a 360 degree tour of some of the rooms, as they were.History: Titanic Interactive – Infographic timeline. Read about the birth of the Titanic, what happened during the sinking and […]

Snowflake Activities and Resources

Snowflake Activities by Fran W SNOWFLAKE SCIENCEHow a snowflake forms, why it forms the way it does, photos of snowflakes, snowflake physics, experiments, read an article about snow crystals, and watch a video about snowflakes. SNOWFLAKE MATHSnowflake math naturally includes geometry, symmetry, patterns, angles, basic shapes, and fractals. Learn […]

Snowflake Language, Social Studies, History and Geography Skills

SNOWFLAKE LANGUAGE SKILLS Activity Village: Snowflake Word Search The Holiday Zone: Printable word search puzzle with words that begin with ‘snow’. There is a crossword puzzle on the same site with snow related clues. Purple Kitty Yarns: Printable cross-word puzzle shaped like a snowflake. Classroom Jr.: Printable Snowstorm Mad-lib Words within Words: Word suggestions to play with: Snowflake, […]

Reindeer Games and Activities

Diorama from Reindeer/Caribou Reindeer Games on Funschooling & Recreational Learning Reindeer/Caribou Are you interested in learning about reindeer a.k.a caribou? Click on this link and learn about these beautiful creatures, make a diorama with the information learned about them, play some games and watch a short video of them […]

Castle Research Project

Leeds Castle, Kent, England Did you know… One of the largest and oldest castles was built in the 9th century and someone still lives there today! Dragsholm Castle, in Denmark, is now a famous hotel. The castle was built in the late 12th century! Windsor Castle, built in […]

Apple Research Project

Did you know… Apples are part of the rose family! There are over 7,500 varieties of apples. Apples have a long history, dating back to 328 BCE!  Dwarfed apples were found growing wild in the Tien Shan mountains of eastern Kazakhstan, located in Central Asia, by Alexander the […]

Leaf Hunting

Pack a lunch and go on a leaf hunt!Here are some items you may want to take along with you:A container to put your leaves in, a camera, drawing paper and a pencilOptional: Tree identification book, your Nature BackpackWhat to look for…Look for every tree leaf you can find! Look […]