Silver Items Silver – Information about silver, where it’s found, and minerals that contain silver.

LiveScience: Facts About Silver – Article offers some interesting information about silver, such as where its symbol (Ag) came from.

Ducksters: Elements for Kids: Silver – Page offers short facts and information.


AG Silver

Learn about the chemical structure and make up of silver.

Chemical Elements: Periodic Table: Silver

Chemistry Explained: Silver Gold – The Precious Metal Silver & The Mineral Silver

EnvironmentalChemistry: Periodic Table of Elements: Elemental Silver


The History of Silver Mines documentary – The Best Documentary Ever

How It’s Made Silver

How to clean a tarnished silver in 15 minutes at home (DIY Experiment)

What Does Silver Ore Look Like?

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Rock & Mineral Resources

Types of Rocks & Minerals

Rocks & Minerals by Fran W.

Scholastic: StudyJams: Minerals – Site offers pictures with information under each one.

Science Kids: Rocks & Minerals – Earth facts about rocks and minerals.

One Geology:Rocks & Minerals – Kid friendly interactive site.

Interactive Sites For EducationRocks & Minerals – Click on a window to go to a new site with an interactive game that is rock related. Rocks – Site offers lots of pictures and information, including news about rocks and minerals. – This site offers a vast selection of minerals in A-Z format. Click on a name to find out the chemical make up of the item selected, in addition to group, specific gravity and much more. Pictures are also provided.

KidsKonnect: Rocks & Minerals – Quick facts.

Mineralogy4Kids – Click on a icon to begin reading short bits of information.

Florida Department of Environmental Protection: Rocks & Minerals – This site offers information about the rocks and minerals found in Florida, a page of examples with pictures and a pdf Guide to Rocks and Minerals of Florida.

UF: Florida’s Rocks & Minerals – Printable leaflet available.

*Symbolism & Mythology

PettyRock: Crystal Meaning –  Fun Facts: Gem Myths and Meanings

Ellen Steiber: About The Stones: Gem lore across cultures.

Crystal-Cure: Gemstones: Meanings & Properties– Site offers information and pictures about many gemstones: their meaning and the beliefs surrounding them.

Gem Select: Gemstone Meanings – Click on each name to find out more about the gemstone.

Peaceful Mind: Crystal & Gemstone Therapy  – Site offers a crystal dictionary of metaphysical meanings and meanings.

Burke Museum: Birthstones– Site offers information about each month’s birthstones, including myths and histories.


Fran’s World of Discovery: Geodes – Information about geode creation, and experiments to make on your own.

Steve Spangler: Rock and Mineral Experiments – Sites offer 9 experiments. Geology Science Fair Projects  – 46 Experiments are offered on this site.

A2Z Home’s Cool: Geology Experiments for Kids – Site offers 5 links to other sites.

MSN: K-6 Rock Cycle: Understanding The Earth’s Crust – Offers lessons and experiments for grades K-6.


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Did you know…

A mummified frog was discovered in a flint geode in 1899!

Activity: Make your own “geode”

It may take thousands of years for a real geode to form, but with this activity you will have crystals growing in just a few days!

The following sites will explain how to grow your own crystal “geodes”:

Crystal Geode Project
Make a crystal geode with alum, hot water, clean egg shells or plaster of Paris, and food coloring

Make your own Geode Egg
Make a geode with borax, hot water, clean egg shells, and food coloring

We made a variety of “geodes” using sugar, salt or alum and poured each solution into clean egg shells.

Here are the results of our experiment:

Picture 1: Salt “geode”

Picture 1 We added green food coloring (made with blue and yellow food coloring) to a salt solution and poured it into a clean egg shell.
As you can see the colors separated! It was very interesting to watch. We allowed the solution to evaporate on its own which took a couple of weeks. 

Picture 2: Alum
Picture 3: Alum


Pictures 2 and 3 This solution was made with alum, a pickling spice, and it made crystals that look like a hexagon. Each one took a couple of weeks to become what you see.
Picture 4: Sugar

Picture 4 This solution was made with sugar and blue food coloring. Our solution was very saturated and as the water evaporated, it looked like a thick tar-like syrup! 

Note: Results may vary.

Tip: Be sure to make a super-saturated solution so that your crystals will grow.

Question of the day:

How does a geode form?

Learn more:

Rock Frogs
Find out how a frog winds up inside a rock!

About: Geology
Offers information about rocks, minerals, geology basics, maps, quakes, earthquakes, landforms and more.

Wikipedia: Geode
Learn how geodes are formed, coloration, and where they can be found.

United States Geological Survey: Research and monitoring, news, and much more.

News and Information About Geology and Earth Science

An international initiative of the geological surveys of the world.

OneGeology – Kids
Find out what geology is, learn about geological maps, rocks and minerals, earthquakes, volcanoes, and much more, with cute little character icons to guide the way.

Rocks for Kids: Geode
Gallery of geode pictures and facts.

Fossils – Facts – and – Finds
According to the site, they offer inspiration and fun to kids who are interested in rocks. There are teacher’s resources offered such as earth science lesson plans, coloring page
s, activities (puzzles), fossils, and other things.

Geology for Kids
An in-depth online geology textbook written for kids.

Geode Match – Game
Match the geodes before your time runs out! – Rock & Mineral Resources
Long list of rock and mineral resources.

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Pink geode by Fran W.