Rock & Mineral Resources

Types of Rocks & Minerals

Rocks & Minerals by Fran W.

Scholastic: StudyJams: Minerals – Site offers pictures with information under each one.

Science Kids: Rocks & Minerals – Earth facts about rocks and minerals.

One Geology:Rocks & Minerals – Kid friendly interactive site.

Interactive Sites For EducationRocks & Minerals – Click on a window to go to a new site with an interactive game that is rock related. Rocks – Site offers lots of pictures and information, including news about rocks and minerals. – This site offers a vast selection of minerals in A-Z format. Click on a name to find out the chemical make up of the item selected, in addition to group, specific gravity and much more. Pictures are also provided.

KidsKonnect: Rocks & Minerals – Quick facts.

Mineralogy4Kids – Click on a icon to begin reading short bits of information.

Florida Department of Environmental Protection: Rocks & Minerals – This site offers information about the rocks and minerals found in Florida, a page of examples with pictures and a pdf Guide to Rocks and Minerals of Florida.

UF: Florida’s Rocks & Minerals – Printable leaflet available.

*Symbolism & Mythology

PettyRock: Crystal Meaning –  Fun Facts: Gem Myths and Meanings

Ellen Steiber: About The Stones: Gem lore across cultures.

Crystal-Cure: Gemstones: Meanings & Properties– Site offers information and pictures about many gemstones: their meaning and the beliefs surrounding them.

Gem Select: Gemstone Meanings – Click on each name to find out more about the gemstone.

Peaceful Mind: Crystal & Gemstone Therapy  – Site offers a crystal dictionary of metaphysical meanings and meanings.

Burke Museum: Birthstones– Site offers information about each month’s birthstones, including myths and histories.


Fran’s World of Discovery: Geodes – Information about geode creation, and experiments to make on your own.

Steve Spangler: Rock and Mineral Experiments – Sites offer 9 experiments. Geology Science Fair Projects  – 46 Experiments are offered on this site.

A2Z Home’s Cool: Geology Experiments for Kids – Site offers 5 links to other sites.

MSN: K-6 Rock Cycle: Understanding The Earth’s Crust – Offers lessons and experiments for grades K-6.


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