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  • Types of Calendars

    Types of Calendars

    Article & Information About Calendars Timely: The Importance of Calendars – This article talks about some of the import reasons communities and individuals should keep calendars, along with the benefits. Wikipedia: Calendars – Offers historical information about calendars.Egyptian CalendarMayan Calendar &List of Calendars – Lists over 80 types of calendars. Holidappy: Birth Symbols – Each month has its own bird, flower, […]

  • A World To Discover January Vol 1

    A World To Discover January Vol 1

    Ben Franklin – Historical information about Ben Franklin. Read or listen to his autobiography as well. Nikola Tesla – Information about Tesla’s life and accomplishments. Links and videos. Geometric Designs – Geometric Designs made from simple shapes. Tutorials, videos, and free downloads. Fractals – Fractals in nature and design. Links and videos. Ancient Greece – Contributions, Mythology, History and more. […]

  • Snowman Activities

    Snowman Activities

    SNOWMAN LANGUAGE SKILLS Classroom Jr.: Snowman Mad Libs – Printable activity.Super Word Search Puzzles: Frosty The Snowman – printable word search. SNOWMAN HISTORY Wikipedia: Snowman– History of the snowman. SNOWMAN ACTIVITIES FOR YOUNG CHILDREN   First School: Snow and Snowman Activities SNOWMAN CRAFTS Danielle’s Place: Winter and Snowman Crafts Kids Can Make!DLTK: Snowman CraftsEnchanted Learning: Snowman CraftsMake Stuff.com: Pop Bottle Snowman CraftArtists […]

  • Snowflake Math

    Snowflake Math

    Snowflake math naturally includes geometry, symmetry, patterns, angles, basic shapes, and fractals. SYMMETRY   Scientific America: Why are snowflakes symmetrical? – This is where science and math come together! Read about the science behind the symmetry of snowflakes. Symmetry of Snowflakes offers another explanation of how a snowflake is formed. Bridges in Mathematics: Snowflake Symmetry – This site offers a video link that […]

  • January


    Here are some of the activities and topics that can be found on Fran’s World of Discovery based on famous people born this month, seasonal activities, featured foods and fun learning activities… Foods Apple Research Project – Apples are still in season! There are a lot of interesting things you can do with apples such as […]