Snowflake Math

Snowflake math naturally includes geometry, symmetry, patterns, angles, basic shapes, and fractals.


Scientific America: Why are snowflakes symmetrical? – This is where science and math come together! Read about the science behind the symmetry of snowflakes. 
Symmetry of Snowflakes offers another explanation of how a snowflake is formed.

Bridges in Mathematics: Snowflake Symmetry – This site offers a video link that helps make learning about symmetry more interesting with Lego bricks, and information about different types of symmetry: rotational symmetry and reflection symmetry. Plus it offers a few links for learning more about symmetry online and how to make snowflakes from paper.

NOTE: For this link to work, choose the option for, “The Way Back Machine” and it will take you to the original activity.

Mudd Math Fun Fact: Koch Snowflake – Features the, ‘Koch Snowflake’ and offers a way to learn about fractals. This pdf can be used to better understand the Koch Snowflake. 
Here is another fractal that is not the Koch Snowflake. There is an option to check the “Way Back Machine”, click on that to get to the original activity.

The Spruce Crafts: Magical Paper Snowflake Craft Projects9 Amazing Snowflake Templates – This site is filled with a wide variety of paper snowflake activities for the beginner and for anyone looking to challenge their paper snowflake making skills. Classic snowflakes, animal snowflakes, 3-D snowflakes and much more can be found on this site.

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