Recycle Challenge: Water Bottle Challenge 

Before you throw that water bottle away, or toss it into the recycle bin, think of some fun and useful ways to give it a new purpose. Use a small water bottle or a gallon size.

Make sure you clean it out well and allow it to dry completely if you plan to store anything in it.

Tip: A little soapy water will clean it out, to remove odors, a little vinegar or baking soda can help eliminate it.

Here is a list of challenges, please choose as many as you would like to do:

· Use it to plant something that can grow during the fall season. (Gallon size plus would be best for this project.)

· Make a game: With one bottle.

· Make a game: With multiple bottles.

· Make a toy

· A science experiment

· A craft project

· Make a home for an imaginary creature

· A flip bottle game

· A bird feeder

· Storage container

· Some other practical thing

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Recycling Project: K-Cup Challenge

How can these little cups be reused in fun, creative, and interesting ways?

You will want to collect a whole bunch of cups, with and without holes, for this project.

No K-Cups? Use a small Dixie cup, bathroom cups, or disposable shot glasses for the following challenge ideas.

Here are your challenge areas, choose as many as you want…try them all if you can…

Make A Game – Think about how one cup or a few cups can be used to make a carnival type game or a guessing game. We made a stacking cup game with ours. Try to create an opportunity to collect points or use a scoring element. Don’t forget to write down or draw instructions if you need to.

An Organizer – Can you think of a way they can be put together to help organize something small? How can they be used for something larger?

A Craft – Make a simple or complicated craft.

A Musical Instrument – What kind of instrument can you make with a K-Cup or two?

Gardening Tool – How can a cup or two be used as a gardening tool?

An Experiment – There are lots of cool experiments that require small cups, see if you can find one, or make something up on your own.

Bird Feeder – You may need to put a few cups together for this.

A Puzzle or Brain Game – How can these cups be used to create a puzzle or a brain game?

A Magic Trick – There are lots of DIY magic tricks you can do with simple household objects. Make one up if you can too!

A Flower – How can a cup be turned into a flower?

Hint: This may require a scissor.

Something of Your Own Choosing – Take a minute or two to look at a small cup and allow your imagination to go wild. There are a great many things these little cups can be used for. Grab a piece of paper and a pencil, and draw or write down any ideas you may have. Don’t worry if some of them are silly or complicated.

Tip: Use the holes to your advantage whenever possible.

Some of the extra things you may need for this challenge:

Rubber Band – Clear Wrap – BBs or Beans – Bottle Tops – Old Rice – A Die (or dice) – Seeds and Soil – Chopsticks – Ping Pong Ball – Cardboard Box – Playing Cards – Hot Glue – Bird Seed – Craft Supplies – Paper – A Small Ball – Scissor – Baking Soda & Vinegar – Permanent Marker – Small Hole Punch – Twine or String

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Make A Snowflake

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Make Your Own: Crafts from Repurposed Items

Before throwing something into the recycle bin or trash, think of crafty ways items can be creatively repurposed! 

Luminaries are a fun craft project to make from clear plastic milk/juice/tea containers.
Save your egg shells, paint them with water color paints and make egg shell art out of them.
If your store still offers paper bags, bring your groceries home in a few and make a sturdy bag out of them by adding a handle. Paint the bag to match the season, holiday or whatever! It’s great for gift giving too!
Your old T-shirts can be transformed into a bag by cutting off the sleeve and neck at the seam and stitching the bottom up.

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