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Apple Resources

Mixed Apples by Fran W. General Information & Facts About Apples & Apple History Wikipedia: Apple Vermont Apples Washington ApplesVarieties of apples Apples and MoreUniversity of Illinois – Apple facts Nutritional Information about Apples Whole Foods: ApplesApple and Johnny Appleseed Crafts Apples and Johnny Appleseed Crafts and ColoringDLTKApple […]

Castle Resources

Bodiam Castle from Wikipedia The following resources were put together to go with: Fran’s World of Discovery: Castle Research ProjectCastles Around the World 29 Gorgeous Castles Around the World CastlesWebsite dedicated to castles. Site has information on over 500 castles, castle ruins, and other fortifications in Europe and beyond.  […]

Dolphins – Research Resource

Dolphin Photo by Fran W. Dolphin Resources Across the Curriculum Animal Planet: DolphinsThis site offers The Ultimate Guide to Dolphins a series of 9 videos that talk about echolocation, strandings, cousins and more.Facts about DolphinsAnimals: About offers a series of facts about dolphin anatomy and family info.National Geographic: […]

Women’s Suffrage – Research Resource

Women’s Suffrage in the United States Suffragists Parade Down 5th Ave., 1917 The Fight for Women’s RightsArticles and videos about the Women’s Suffrage Movement. Wikipedia: Women’s Suffrage in the United StatesWikipedia offers a general overview of the Women’s Suffrage Movement.National Women’s History Museum: Women’s SuffrageA long list of the […]

Bat Resource Page

Golden Crowned Fruit Bat General Information About Bats Bat Conservation International  Learn about bats Enchanted Learning: Bats  Info about bats for young children.How Bats Work   Learn how bats use echo location, their wings and more on How Stuff Works Defenders: Bats  Quick fact sheet about batsNWF: Night Friends – Bats of […]


Pink geode by Fran W. Did you know… A mummified frog was discovered in a flint geode in 1899! Activity: Make your own “geode” It may take thousands of years for a real geode to form, but with this activity you will have crystals growing in just a […]

Glow Worms

The Cathedral in Waitomo Cave photo by Karora Glowworms are insects that can be found in sheltered places such as dense woodlands, caves and grottoes. Research Questions How many types of glow worms are there?How does a glow worm produce light?What do glow-worms eat?Are glowworms poisonous?Where can glow worms be […]