Glow Worms


Glowworms are insects that can be found in sheltered places such as dense woodlands, caves and grottoes.

Research Questions

How many types of glow worms are there?

How does a glow worm produce light?

What do glow-worms eat?

Are glowworms poisonous?

Where can glow worms be found around the world?

What is the difference between the fire fly (Lampyridae) glow worm and the Arachnocampa luminosa glowworm?

Research Resources

Suzy’s World: Glow-Worms – Site offers a fact sheet about glow-worms.

A-Z Animals: Glow Worms – Where they can be found, diet, classification and history

Wise GeekWhat are Glow Worms? – Learn about their stages of life and how they produce light.

The Lure of Glow Worms – Article about a 2 year glow-worm research project performed in the rainforests, caves and abandoned gold mines of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania, Australia.

Wikipedia: Glowworms Find out what types of glowworms there are.

eHow: How Do Glow Worms Produce Light? – Short article that talks about the temperature of their light, how they use it and the chemical reaction it takes to produce the glow.

The UK Glow Worm Survey Home Page –  Information about the glow worms that can be found in the UK. Check out the gallery, a report about glow worms by John Tyler this link will take you to part 1 of the 3 part publication. Scroll to the bottom of each page to link to the next part of the report. Fireflies  Research resources for learning about fireflies.

Activity Suggestions Glow-in-the-Dark Fun Putty – Make a fun putty that glows when placed in the light.

The research questions above are based on the questions and things we wanted to know about glow worms. Please feel free to come up with your own set of questions or things you would like to know.

While searching, we found that glow worms was spelled out in a variety of ways: Glow Worms, Glowworms, Glow-worms. You can decide which way best suits your needs because all seem to be correct.

Videos Watch a short video of a commercial glowworm cave – 1:17


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