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SOS International Code

Mental Floss: SOS – What Does SOS Stand For? – Background info about the SOS code and how it became an international code.BoatSaftey: SOS – What is the Meaning of SOS? – A marine perspective of what the SOS code means. Wikipedia: SOS – Information about the international Morse Code distress signal. Offers an example.The following […]

Ford’s Model ‘T’

1909 Touring EyeWitness To History.com: Henry Ford Changes the World, 1908 – Article about the making of the Model ‘T’.Wikipedia: Ford Model T – Information about the car, production and more. Includes a gallery.History: This Day in History: 1908 Ford Motor Company Unveils the Model T and Model […]

Pirate Resource Page

Pirate Info Pirates Info: History of Pirates  – Famous pirates, history of and more.New England Pirate Museum – Educational info and activities for elementary-high school levels.National Geographic: PiratesPirates of the Caribbean – Pirate Problems – Pirates and Piracy Pirate Crafts and Activities First School: Pirate Coloring PagesMagic Mural Factory: How to Create a Pirate Themed Bedroom – Murals, portholes, […]

Johnny Appleseed Resource Page

American Storyteller: The Story of Johnny Appleseed – Use the arrows to scroll through the short article segments. Virginia Apples: Johnny Appleseed- A Pioneer – Click on “Read More” to access a FREE Johnny Appleseed Curriculum for grades K-5th in a printable PDF format. It has coloring pages, music, stories, poems […]

Michael Faraday

Wikipedia: Michael Faraday – Biographical information and scientific accomplishments.BBC: History: Michael Faraday – An encyclopedic article about his life and accomplishments.Famous Scientists: Michael Faraday – Offers a longer article and a time line of his accomplishments and discoveries.Fran’s World of Discovery: Balloons – Information about balloons and instructions for the game Balloon Badminton.YouTube: Michael Faraday […]

Lewis Howard Latimer

Biography: Lewis Howard Latimer – A short article that talks about Latimer’s life and accomplishments. Wikipedia: Lewis Howard Latimer – Offers a short biography about Latimer’s life, inventions, and lists his patents. Scholastic: Teacher’s Activity Guide – Lewis Howard Latimer – Offers a very short biography about his […]

Jim Henson

Wikipedia: Jim Henson – Biographical information about Jim Henson and his accomplishments. Listen to this article by clicking on the speaker icon in the upper right hand corner of the page.The Muppets – Information about Jim Henson’s creationBiography: Jim Henson – Site offers a biographical video and an article […]

Great Fire of London

Luminarium: The Great Fire of London, 1666 – Written history of the the fire. Offers a few pictures as well.History.com: Great Fire of London Begins, 1666 – A brief history of the event. Wikipedia: Great Fire of London – Information and pictures about the event.Redcross: Fire Safety – […]

Dale Chihuly Resource Page

Children’s Museum: Fireworks Of Glass – A Free 87 page PDF about Chihuly’s artwork. This publication has lessons and activity ideas.Chihuly Garden & Glass – Dale Chihuly’s store site. Offers information about the artist, his artwork, and events. Chihuly – Chihuly’s artwork site. View the gallery and videos of his artwork.Art Prize: Inspired by […]

Sewing Machine

Smithsonian: The Many, Many Designs of the Sewing Machine – Information, pictures, and illustrations about the origins of the sewing machine.TimeToast: History of the Sewing Machine – Offers a timeline of the history of the sewing machine. Click on each date to get more information.Wikipedia: Sewing Machine – Offers […]