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Play With The Wind

One of the best ways to learn about math and physics at the same time is to play with the wind! Here are some of the fun things you can do with the wind located here on Funschooling & Recreational Learning:Fly a Kite –  How kites works, how to make […]

Joshua Lionel Cowen

Joshua Lionel Cowen Wikipedia: Joshua Lionel Cowen – Read about the American inventor who co-founded Lionel Corporation.The Great Idea Finder: Joshua Lionel Cowen – Site offers biographical information and timeline of the man’s life.Lionel: About Lionel – A short biography about Joshua Lionel Cowen and a History of Lionel […]


Wikipedia: Hawaii – Geography and environment, history, demographics, economy, culture and more. Also, Hawaiian Dishes.Lonely Planet: Hawaii – Scroll down to view what the site has to offer in the way of experiences, launch an interactive map, read some articles, and see what activities Hawaii has to offer.Hawaiian Words: Hear […]

Annie Oakley

Wikipedia:  Annie Oakley – Early life, debut and marriage, career and touring, shooting prowess, and more. Includes photos.Buffalo Bill Center of the West:  Annie Oakley – Biographical information and a short video.Biography: Annie Oakley – Offers a short bit of information and a short video.History: 10 Things You May Not Know About Annie Oakley – 10 Short […]


Photo By Marco Verch Wikipedia: Lighthouse – The history of lighthouses, technology, building, Fresnel lens and the History of lighthouses.symbolism and more. Plus the The Lighthouse Directory -Provides links and information for more than 19,300 of the world’s lighthouses.New England Lighthouses: A Virtual Guide – History, tour info, original photography, […]

Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong NASA: Neil Armstrong – Biography of Neil Armstrong. The panel to the left has more information about his life and related information.  History: Neil Armstrong – Site offers short video clips and written information.Bio: Neil Armstrong – Site offers a short video and written information.Wikipedia: Neil Armstrong – Information about the life of Neil Armstrong.Activity Village: Neil […]


Wikipedia: Spiderman Wikipedia: Spiderman – Information about Marvel’s fictional superhero, Spiderman: Creator info, publication info, biography, powers and more. Also, information about Stan Lee. Marvel: Spiderman – Biographical information about Spiderman.DLTK: Spiderman Coloring Pages – Printable!Coloring WS: Spiderman Coloring Pages – Offers 9 printable pages.Coloring Book: Spiderman Coloring Pages – Site offers 72 […]

Where Did The Crayon Come From?

Who invented the first crayon? Crayola: Who Invented The Crayon?America Comes Alive The Inventors of Crayons: Binney & SmithKids Discover: How Colored Crayons for Kids Were InventedIdea Finder: Crayon – Information about the history of crayons.Wikipedia: Crayon – History of, list of American crayon makers, and artists. How are crayons made? Science Channel: How Crayons […]

George Washington Carver

George Washington Carver Inventions: Inventor’s Resources: George Washington Carver’s Inventions – Site offers a little bit of information about Carver’s inventions.National Parks Service: George Washington Carver – Museum ExhibitTuskegee University: George Washington Carver – Find out about Carver’s experiments and other some of the things he made with peanuts and sweet potatoes. Selected recipes can be found here. About: Inventors: George […]

Christmas Stockings

Smithsonian: The Legend of the Christmas Stocking – The history behind the tradition of hanging stockings.Wikipedia: Christmas Stockings – The history of stockings and information about the world’s biggest Christmas stocking.Altogether Christmas: Christmas Stockings – An article about the legends behind Christmas stockings.First Palette: Paper Christmas Stocking – […]