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  • Wildflower Research Project

    Wildflower Research Project

    As the weather warms up, and nature starts to awaken from its slumber, the beauty of the season begins to burst free. Much of that beauty is reoccurring in the form of wildflowers that can be found on the roadside or in private and public gardens. If you enjoy the colors and smells of Spring, […]

  • Snowy Trivia

    Snowy Trivia

    1.  Who is “Snowflake Bentley” and what did he do to get his nickname? 2. Who wrote “Frosty The Snowman” and in what year? 3. Who invented fake snow? When and why was fake snow invented? 4. How is real snow formed? 5. When and where did the biggest snow storm occur in the United States? The world? Snowflake […]

  • Turkey Trivia With A Twist

    Turkey Trivia With A Twist

    Do you enjoy testing your knowledge of various topics? I thought it would be fun to put a little twist on a favorite game….Trivia. With this version of the game, I’d like you to look through the questions and answer them to the best of your ability and count how many questions you get right. […]

  • Exploring Triangles

    Exploring Triangles

    Names of Triangles: Isosceles, Scalene, Equilateral, Right, Acute, Obtuse Use the following sites to learn the basics of triangles; what they are called and why. Math Is Fun has information about each triangle named above, if you want to learn more about each one of them. A Plus Topper also has information about triangles. Passy’s […]

  • Labor Day Resources

    Fun Activity Ideas Talk about some of the things your kids what to be and do when they grow up. Adults, talk about the jobs you’ve had and what you liked or disliked about them. Talk about some of the things you wanted to do, but haven’t had the chance to do….yet. Include your dreams. Discuss […]

  • A World To Discover January Vol 1

    A World To Discover January Vol 1

    Ben Franklin – Historical information about Ben Franklin. Read or listen to his autobiography as well. Nikola Tesla – Information about Tesla’s life and accomplishments. Links and videos. Geometric Designs – Geometric Designs made from simple shapes. Tutorials, videos, and free downloads. Fractals – Fractals in nature and design. Links and videos. Ancient Greece – Contributions, Mythology, History and more. […]

  • Frog Research Project

    Frog Research Project

    Use the follow frog information as an independent study, family learning project or as a jumping off point for a longer frog study. If you like this project page, please share the link with others. Thank you! Fun Frog Facts… (Click on each fact to find out more.) There is a type of frog that […]

  • Snowflake Activities and Resources

    Snowflake Activities and Resources

        SNOWFLAKE SCIENCE How a snowflake forms, why it forms the way it does, photos of snowflakes, snowflake physics, experiments, read an article about snow crystals, and watch a video about snowflakes. SNOWFLAKE MATHSnowflake math naturally includes geometry, symmetry, patterns, angles, basic shapes, and fractals. Learn more about snowflake symmetry and fractals and make […]

  • Snowflake Language, Social Studies, History and Geography Skills

    Snowflake Language, Social Studies, History and Geography Skills

    SNOWFLAKE LANGUAGE SKILLS FranW.com: Snowflake Fun Page – Snowflake Words within Words suggestion, Word Scramble, Experiment, and other fun snowflake related things to do. (Available 12/23/21) Word Games  – December Winter Word Fun Winter Puzzle Fun: Build A Snowman The Holiday Zone: Printable word search puzzle with words that begin with ‘snow’. There is a crossword puzzle on […]

  • Snowflake Math

    Snowflake Math

    Snowflake math naturally includes geometry, symmetry, patterns, angles, basic shapes, and fractals. SYMMETRY   Scientific America: Why are snowflakes symmetrical? – This is where science and math come together! Read about the science behind the symmetry of snowflakes. Symmetry of Snowflakes offers another explanation of how a snowflake is formed. Bridges in Mathematics: Snowflake Symmetry – This site offers a video link that […]

  • Snowflake Science

    Snowflake Science

    Borax Snowflake by Fran W Snow Crystals: – This site has a lot of information about snowflakes and snow crystals including how they are formed, photos, physics and other interesting information. Read an interview about “Snowflake Science” with Kenneth Libbrecht, the creator of site, ‘Snow Crystals’, on RadioLab.   Home Science Tools: Snowflake Activities – This site has three science […]

  • Dolphins – Research Resource

    Dolphins – Research Resource

    Dolphin Photo by Fran W. Dolphin Resources Across the Curriculum Animal Planet: Dolphins This site offers The Ultimate Guide to Dolphins a series of 9 videos that talk about echolocation, strandings, cousins and more. Facts about Dolphins Animals: About offers a series of facts about dolphin anatomy and family info. National Geographic: Dolphins Find out […]