Spark of the Day: Outdoor Charades

You will need: Old magazines, index cards, markers, scissor, and glue

Cut out nature pictures from an old magazine and paste each one on its own index card.
As an alternative, clearly write one nature-related word on each index card with a marker.
Here are some picture/word suggestions: tree, squirrel, bird, flower, clouds, leaves, shell, rock, stick, branch, berries, grass, dog, cat, rabbit, etc

How to play:

One player picks a card and acts out what the card says without speaking.  All the other players take turns guessing what the player is trying to act out until someone comes up with the correct answer. The first player to guess the answer correctly gets to pick and act out the next card.

As a rule, the player acting out what the card says can not point to the object if it happens to be in the area.

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Charade Cards
Photo by FranW