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Create A 3-D Halloween Scene

3-D Halloween Scene by Fran W. A 3-D scene, or a diorama, is a creative way to express an idea, thought, experience, or tell a story. They can be made very simply or very complicated and detailed. They can also be interactive, stationary, or somewhere in between! It’s […]

Spark of the Day: Santa’s Reindeer

Hand and foot reindeer with lights by Fran W. Santa is looking for a reindeer to help pull his sleigh on Christmas Eve! You can help by creating a reindeer for Santa’s famous Christmas Eve journey!  To make the reindeer above, you will need: Your hand, construction paper, […]

Spark of the Day: Symbols of Fall: Twist Balloons

Twist balloon pumpkin by Fran W. We enjoy decorating our home for the fall holidays each year and this year we decided to incorporate twist balloons into our holiday because they can be turned into so many creative things!We are planning to make…Pumpkins, ghosts, spiders, cats, turkeys, a cornucopia, […]

Spark of the Day: Roman Numerals

Roman Numerals by Fran W. Roman numerals may not be used as often as they once were, but they are still used in a variety of ways and can offer up a fun challenge for the day! The basic symbols and number values are: I =  1 V […]

Spark of the Day: Eggshell Art

Eggshell Flowers by Fran W Save your eggshells, they are great for arts and crafts! To make eggshell art, you will need: Eggshells from boiled or raw eggs – remove the inside membrane of raw eggshells Watercolor paints or food coloring Paint brush Water GlueConstruction paper Pencil or […]

Spark of the Day: Create A Spooky Sound Sentence or Story

Image by digitalartFree Digital Photos Begin by thinking of as many spooky sounds as you can. If you need help, here are some suggestions:A ghost moaning, bat screeching, wolf or coyote howling, door creaking, howling wind, hissing cat, screeching owl, squeaking mouse, creaking tree, scream, weird laugh, thunder, groan, roar, tree scraping the window, door slamming, […]

Spark of the Day: Pom – Pom Shooter

Pom-Pom Shooter by Fran W. Here’s a great way to turn simple items into a fun activity! Items Needed: Toilet paper tube, 12″ balloon, packing or duct tape, scissor, pom-poms, a large container and recycled plastic water bottles or yogurt containers Optional items:  A measuring tape, paper, and pencil What to […]