Watermelon Day

There are more than 1200 varieties of watermelons in the world.

Activity: Watermelon Carving

Not only is watermelon a sweet delicious treat to eat, it can be transformed into amazingly creative things!

To carve your own amazing watermelon creation you will need:

A watermelon, knife or pumpkin carving set, large spoon, cutting board, bowls and gallon-sized plastic bags

What to do:

Using the items listed above, think about what you want your watermelon to look like and carve it into that design.
If you need some inspiration, check out these carvings or these amazing works of arts. Another group of beautiful carvings can be found here.

Research questions….

How can National Watermelon Day (August 3rd US/ August 4th UK) celebrated?

What states do watermelons grow in? What state grows the most?

What countries grow watermelons and who grows the most?

How do you grow square watermelons?

The following videos talk about growing uniquely shaped watermelons:
1) Square (2:28) and 2) Heart-shaped (1:05)

Research resources…

While not an official holiday, National Watermelon Day is celebrated on August 3, in the United States and August 4th in the UK. Celebrate the day by doing watermelon related activities.

Watermelon.org: National Watermelon Board – Nutrition information about watermelons, recipes and fun facts. Be sure to check out the kids section as well.

Plant Answers: Watermelons – Article about the history of watermelon, how  it can be served, how it is enjoyed in other countries and nutrition information.

Wikipedia: Watermelon –  History of watermelon, culture, nutrition information, varieties and cultural references.

Watermelon Day Info

Holiday Insights: National Watermelon Day! – Find out about this unofficial holiday.

Recipes and Nutrition Information

Watermelon recipes: Find fun and interesting ways to enjoy watermelon with the recipes on this page. Kid friendly recipes too!

DumpTV: Watermelon Day Activities – Activities for Watermelon Day for all ages. Recipes and game ideas. Some recipes are adult only.

Recipes: Pickled Watermelon Rinds – Find out how to prepare the white part of the watermelon to eat pickled or as a candy.

Worlds Healthiest Foods: Watermelon  – Nutritional facts and info about watermelon.

WikiHow: How to cut a Watermelon – Video images that show how to cut a watermelon.

A Kids Heart: National Watermelon Day – Printable activities, watermelon puzzles that can be played on line, watermelon story starter and clip art.

Teaching Heart: Watermelon Theme Unit – Many activities are free on this site, some need to be paid for. Free items include: A recipe for watermelon play dough, math suggestions and games, and a poem, song and finger play – all watermelon related.

The Virtual Vine: Wild About Watermelon Theme Unit – Watermelon facts, book suggestions, art project suggestions, songs, math activities and more.

DLTK: Willy Watermelon Craft – Printable activity.

Enchanted Learning: Fruit Mobile with a Watermelon  – This craft suggests an apple and a strawberry and a watermelon.

Kids R Crafty: Watermelon Word Play – Watermelon word game- How many words can you find in the word, “Watermelon”?

First School -W- Watermelon – Links to watermelon activities: A presentation about watermelon, printables, coloring pages and more.

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