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Bird w/flower Made with circles

Did you know…

The word circle derives from the Greek word kirkos

Activity: Circle scenes

You’ll need:

Round flat objects such as bottle caps, lids, or cups, pencil, colored paper, scissors, and glue 
Optional: Ruler

Set up:

Using a variety of round lids and objects, trace around them with a pencil onto colored paper and cut them out. You will want to cut a bunch of circles in a variety sizes and then cut them in the following ways. 
Use a ruler when needed:

– Leave some of the circles whole
– Take one section out (any size)
– Cut pie shapes (sectors)
– Cut some circles in half
– Cut some circles into: thirds, quarters, eighths, sixteenths, twenty-fourths, etc.
– Cut arcs and cords from your circles
– Cut squiggly lines

Have fun and be creative with this project.

Note: You can turn this into a recycled project by using old magazines, newspaper, old wrapping paper, cards and junk mail. Decorate your own paper and use that too.

What to do:

Use your circles, and parts of circles, to make a variety of objects and scenes. Lay your pieces out in different ways and then glue them down when you like what you see.

Here are some ideas:

Make an underwater scene, fish, people, birds, flowers, butterflies, trees, animals and all kinds of creative designs.

Question of the day:

Objects in nature are rounded.
Can you find something in nature (not made by man), that is not rounded?

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Bird w/flower Made with Circles