Water Balloons

Water Balloons by Fran W.
The water balloon was the end result of an invention gone wrong!

Water Balloon Toss Game

You’ll need:

Water balloons, water source, water balloon nozzle (optional, but it makes filling balloons easier), a bucket to hold filled balloons, bathing suit or clothing you do not mind getting wet, and a towel

What to do:

Fill up water balloons and place them in a bucket with a little water. Invite some friends over and have fun throwing the balloons at one another!

Play Water Balloon Toss:

Players form a circle and toss (not throw) water balloons to each other while music is playing. When the music stops, the player with the balloon tosses it up in the air, above their head, and attempts to catch it. If the player catches the balloon without breaking it, they get to stay in, if they miss, they sit out for the rest of the game.

If the balloon breaks while the music is still playing, players can decide, before the game starts, to put another water balloon into play or have the player who had the balloon break on them sit out the rest of the game.

After the fun is over, be sure to pick up all the broken balloon pieces.

Question of the day:

In what year was the water balloon invented, who invented it, and what was this invention originally supposed to be? 

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