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Demi-Mask by Fran W.

Did you know…

Adults dressed up in costumes for Halloween and Masquerade parties long before children did!

Activity: Make a Demi-Mask

Template available
 on Fran’s World Yahoo! Group

To make the mask you will need:

Mask template, card stock or a cereal box, scissors, hot glue, white glue, 1/4″ elastic band, and /or wooden chop stick or a dowel of similar size, craft knife, and a hole punch

To decorate the mask you will need:

Any craft supplies desired: feathers, ribbon, glitter, sequins, paint, paint brushes, markers, colored pencils, aluminum foil, crayons, stickers, and white glue

What to do:

– Print masks on card stock, cut them out, and decorate them, or
– Print the masks on plain paper, cut them out and glue them individually to the inside of a cereal box, then cut the mask out when glue has fully dried.

Note: Everyone’s eyes are unique so please cut the eye part out according to your needs with a craft knife.
Tip: Check local craft stores for blank masks as well.

Here are some ideas for your mask:

Make animals masks, decorate masks with feathers, ribbons, glitter and sequins, simple masks, make interesting patterns, and anything else you can think of!

How to use:

Wear them:

Measure a 1/4″ elastic band from temple to temple and hot glue near the sides of the eyes on the inside of the mask.
If you make masks out of a cardboard box, hot glue the elastic band to inside of the mask, or pop holes near the eyes and tie the elastic band to the mask.

Add a stick:

The demi-mask can be used on a stick as well, simply hot glue a chop stick or a wooden dowel on either the right or left side of the inside of the mask, and hold it up to your eyes as you walk around.

Decorate with them:

Hang decorated masks on the wall with tape.

Question of the day:

In what century did masquerade balls start and when did they become popular?

Learn more:

Wikipedia: Masquerade Ball
History of the Masquerade Ball

eHow: Masquerade Masks History
History, how masks are made, and current festivals

Demi Mask Template
This link will bring you to pdf template with at printable mask

Printable Masks for Kids
Print color masks

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  1. So awesome Fran. I am so excited to share this with my E and her friends. They are thinking about a masquerade for their homeschool spring formal!

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