Jack O’ Lanterns

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Did you know…

Before coming to America, the Irish carved lanterns out of turnips and potatoes. When they figured out that pumpkins were easier to carve, they switched!

Play a game of Pumpkin Face
Are you planning to carve some real pumpkins of your own? Before you do, have fun practicing making pumpkin faces with this game!

You’ll need:

The homemade version requires:

Construction paper (orange, green, brown, yellow and black), scissors, and 1 die per player

The template version requires:

*DLTK: Jack-o’-Lantern Faces, crayons, markers or paint, scissors, 1 die

*Scroll down to the templates on the bottom of the page.

What to do:

Homemade version: 

Cut out pumpkin shapes for your game: Make long and short bodies, eyes, nose, mouth and a curvy stem. (If you make eyebrows use straight lines, wavy lines and other fun types of lines.) Be creative by using triangles, circles, squares and other shapes for the pumpkin’s face. Make a flower for the nose or oval eyes if you want!

Template version: Color the template pieces and cut them out.

How to play…..Pumpkin Face:

Object: To give your pumpkin a fun face and to be as creative as possible.

Each number on the die represents a pumpkin part, you can make up your own number-to-body part or use the following suggestions. With the homemade version, anything goes! Make your body parts any way you want. With the template version, just add the parts you have. You are welcome to mix the two versions too!
For example: Use template bodies and homemade parts.

1 Pumpkin Body –  Before you can decorate a pumpkin body, you need to get one! Roll a 1 to get your body.
2 Eyes – Place one eye on your pumpkin at a time.
3 Nose
4 Mouth
5 Stem – Curved, straight, short or long, each player gets to decide.
6 Anything goes! – This is where you get to give your pumpkin a little something extra, here are some suggestions: Eyebrows, hair, a leaf, cheeks, hat, hands, feet

Note: Be creative by making any shape or style eyes, nose, and mouth you want.

Allow the youngest player to start the game. You can use the suggested rules or make up your own.

Playing with additional pieces: If you would like to add other fun decorations to your pumpkin consider: a leaf, cheeks, hat, hands, feet and hair! Don’t forget to use different types of eyes, noses, mouths and stems to keep it interesting.

Question of the day:

Do you know the legend of the jack-o-lantern?

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