Santa Claus

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Father Christmas, Pere Noel, Befana, Kris Kringle, Hoteisho, Sinterklas, and Saint Nicholas are just a few of the many names Santa Claus is known by around the world!

Activity: Heart-faced Santa

You will need:
Construction paper, scissors, glue, cotton balls, large googly eyes (25mm), medium sized pink pom-pom, tape
Optional items: Template located on the bottom of this post, a large white pom-pom, or jingle bell, ribbon, hot glue

Set up:
  • Cut all the pieces needed to make Santa’s face (triangle hat, oval trim, heart-shaped face, circles for the cheeks, mustache, and a beard)
  • Print, cut, and trace this template, or
  • If you like the Santa in the picture above, use the template below.
Note: If you decide to make the pieces without the use of a template, remember that the hat trim, mustache and beard will be covered with cotton so only the shape will be seen.
What to do:
Heart-faced Santa by Fran W.

Print the patterns out on card stock paper, cut them out, trace the shapes onto construction paper and cut them out. Then, using the picture as a guide, glue all of the pieces together.

  1. Turn the heart upside down so that the point is facing up and the “bumps” of the heart are closest to you.
  2. Glue the trim to the hat, then glue the hat to the point of the heart.
  3. To make the mouth, glue a piece of pink or red paper to the back of the mouth before gluing the mustache and beard to Santa’s face.
  4. Glue circles to the outer edge of the heart above the mustache for the cheeks.
  5. Glue on a medium sized pom-pom for the nose.
  6. Glue the eyes below the trim of the hat.
  7. Pull cotton balls apart and glue them to the hat trim, mustache and beard of your Santa. You will want to completely cover these areas with cotton.
  8. Glue a whole cotton ball, a large white pom-pom or a large jingle bell to the top of Santa’s hat.
  9. When everything is dry, hang or tape Santa to the wall.
Tip: If you choose to hang Santa up, hot glue a ribbon to the back.
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Poem written by Clement Clarke Moore in 1822

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