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Christmas Shape Elf by Fran W.
Did you know…

Santa’s elves are magical
beings that make toys and help around the North Pole!Activity: Make a Christmas shape elf

You will need:
Construction paper, scissors, glue and craft supplies such as pom-poms, glitter, buttons, jingle bells, googly eyes, markers, etc.
Optional item: Template from Fran’s World of Discovery, located on the bottom of this post.
Set up:
Choose any of the following methods to make your Christmas shape elf:
  • Cut shapes out of construction paper
  • Print, color, cut, and glue this Elf Paper Craft together or
  • Print the template available on the bottom of the page.
Here are the instructions for the construction paper shapes and optional template.
What to do:
Cut paper instructions:Cut body parts out of construction paper, glue the pieces together, and decorate with craft supplies

Template instructions:

Print the template, cut pieces out, and trace the shapes onto construction paper, then glue the pieces together and decorate any way you like with craft supplies.
As an added activity…..

  • Name the elf and decide how old he/she is.
  • Think about what his/her life is like at the North Pole: What does your elf do at the North Pole on a daily basis? How did your elf learn to do what he/she knows how to do? What does your elf do on his/her day off?
  • Create a story about your elf.
Draw, write, or record your information and/or story so that you can share it with others or refer to it again later.
Questions of the day:
Question #1:
What would you look like as an elf?
Question #2:
What would your elf name be?
Question #3:
Who are Santa’s elves, what do they do, and how do they learn to do what they do?
Learn more:
Learn about Santa’s elves, what they do, and how they learn what they know

Visit the Elf Clubhouse to read about elves and play games, or listen to stories at the Workshop
What would you look like as an elf? Add your photo and find out!
Type your name in the name generator to find out!
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Christmas Shape Elf by Fran W.
Templates for Elves
Right click on template, save to computer and print. 




  1. His name is Stripes and he has a sister named Crystal. He helps decorate trees at the North Pole, thus the tree on his pocket. His favorite treats are egg nog, peppermint sticks and sugar cookies and he loves to ski and wrap presents on his days off!;)

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