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  • Gardening With Recycled Materials

    There are quite few containers that can be used as inexpensive gardening tools such as seedling starters, planters, and tools.Here are a few of the things you can save:Food grade plastic containers in all sizes: Yogurt and sour cream containers, soda/water bottles, fruit cups, milk/water/juice/vinegar jugs, salad, cake/cupcake, and plastic take-out containers, 5 gallon water […]

  • Earth Day Activities!

    Earth Day Activities!

    Save your take out containers, cereal boxes, small containers, old shirts, milk/water jugs and cartons, straws, soda/water bottles, bottle caps and lids, wire hangers, and egg shells for the following fun and Earth friendly activities! Make Your Own Nature Backpack – Before you go out to explore the world, build a nature backpack to take along with […]

  • Bottle Roll Bullseye

    This open-ended game can be played indoors or out and encourages players to make up their own rules and scoring system.You will need: An old sheet or an inexpensive white tablecloth (any shape), acrylic paint and a paint brush, recycled water bottles, water, and food coloring or paintOptional: Chalk or sidewalk paint, paint markers, paper, […]

  • An Eggcellent Game

    An Eggcellent Game

        Before you throw away that egg carton or your plastic eggs from an egg hunt, grab a timer so you can play the following fun game.There are a few ways to play but you will only need the following items:Recycled egg carton that carried 12 or 18 eggs12-18 Plastic eggs that fit in […]



    If you are looking for something fun and educational to do during Springtime, try a few of the following activities… Celebrate The Season of Spring: Learn about the Spring equinox and find some fun activities to do. Bubble Solution – Experiment to find out what ingredients make the biggest and best bubbles.Bird Eggs – Links […]

  • Bird Watching Activities

    We love to watch the birds and hear their cheerful songs throughout the day, so we do our best to make them feel as welcome as possible to keep them coming back. Having them visit each day gives us the opportunity to get to know them better. We learn what they look like up close, […]

  • Solar Cooking

    Easy Solar Cooker by Fran W Did you know…You can use the sun’s rays to bake, boil, and steam a variety of foods such as breads, rice, meat, and eggs!Today’s activity:  Make an easy solar ovenThis solar oven is very simple to make and use. If you would like to make one that is more sophisticated, there are […]

  • Glowing Lantern

    These versatile lanterns are fun to make and display! To make one you will need…   Lanterns by Fran W A clean milk carton, construction paper, craft knife, scissor, tissue paper, black construction paper, glue, chenille stem, hole punch, pencil, ruler, glow stick Optional: Serrated knife, craft foam, any kind of stickers, push pin, craft […]

  • Hula Hoop

    Hula hoop structure by Fran W Ancient Egyptian children rolled hoops with a stick and twirled them around their hips!What can you do with a hula hoop?With a little creativity and imagination, there are many things you can do with a hoop!Here are a few you can try… Twist it on your hips, arms, legs, […]

  • Make Your Own: Crafts from Repurposed Items

    Make Your Own: Crafts from Repurposed Items

    Before throwing something into the recycle bin or trash, think of crafty ways items can be creatively repurposed!  Luminaries are a fun craft project to make from clear plastic milk/juice/tea containers.   Save your egg shells, paint them with water color paints and make egg shell art out of them.   If your store still offers […]

  • Bird Eggs

          Did you know….   Quail eggs are the smallest edible bird eggs and ostrich eggs are the largest!   Activities: Egg experiments and Egg salad – your way Activity #1 Egg Experiments   Grab a dozen eggs and get ready to do some amazing egg experiments with Steve Spangler!   When you get to the […]

  • Spark of the Day: Eggshell Art

    Spark of the Day: Eggshell Art

    Eggshell Flowers by Fran W   Save your eggshells, they are great for arts and crafts!   To make eggshell art, you will need:   Eggshells from boiled or raw eggs – remove the inside membrane of raw eggshells Watercolor paints or food coloring Paint brush Water Glue Construction paper Pencil or crayons Newspaper Paper […]