Spark of the Day: Make an Easter Egg with a Surprise Inside


Easter Eggs with a Hidden Surprise Inside by Fran W

To make the Easter egg with a surprise inside, you will need…

An oval, an outline of a chick, rabbit, or duck (available below), craft supplies including scissors, construction paper, a brad, glue, stickers, feathers and any other craft supplies you think you may need.

What to do…

What’s inside our Easter Eggs by Fran W

Cut an oval out of construction paper, and make a chick, rabbit, or duck out of basic shapes, or use the template provided below by printing it on cardstock paper, cutting it out, and using it as a pattern to trace around.

Cut the egg in half so that it resembles a crack.


Make a way for your egg to open so that it reveals what’s hidden inside it. 

Rear View of Egg

One way is to cut a piece of paper 1 inch long and 1/2 inch wide to connect the top and bottom of the egg together on the back. The one side will need to be glued or taped into place, and the other will act as the hinge so that it can open and close freely. Trim the paper so that it can’t to be seen from the front.  

Suggestions for decorating the front of your egg…

Let the front of your egg tell a story about what’s hidden inside!

Once you’ve chosen what animal you want to put inside your egg, think about where it may be hanging out and use construction paper, stickers, or draw a hint on the outside.

A duck may be hanging out in a pond, lake, marsh, river, etc.. 

A rabbit may be hiding in a garden, a field full of flowers, a burrow, a grassy meadow, the forest, etc..

A chick may be in a field, on a farm, in a basket.

You may decide to decorate the outside of your egg any way you want with your Easter animal hidden inside or design a scene with your animal on the outside of your egg.

Another option is to make a bunch of flowers and have them popping out of the egg with some butterflies and bees around it. 

Have fun being creative!

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Template for Medium Egg by Fran W