Glowing Lantern

These versatile lanterns are fun to make and display!

To make one you will need…

Lanterns by Fran W

A clean milk carton, construction paper, craft knife, scissor, tissue paper, black construction paper, glue, chenille stem, hole punch, pencil, ruler, glow stick

Optional: Serrated knife, craft foam, any kind of stickers, push pin, craft supplies, battery-powered candle
What to do…
Cut the carton down to desired size, glue construction paper to it, plot and cut out 1 circle or square on two sides of the carton, then pop two holes on either side and add the chenille stem handle.
For the middle of each opening, make a silhouette out of construction paper and glue it to the tissue paper. Glue the tissue paper to the inside of the carton so that your silhouette comes through when a glow stick or battery-powered candle is placed inside. Decorate the lantern with stickers, foam or construction paper cut outs and other craft supplies.
Tips and suggestions…

  • Cutting the milk carton down to size with a serrated knife can help to make a cleaner and more even cut. (Adult supervision suggested.)
  • To make a round opening in the side of the carton, trace around a lid or cup that fits in the middle. We used a frozen juice can lid.
  • Measure the circle or square from the bottom to make sure the openings are the same height and measure around the sides to make sure they’re equal.
  • Avoid cutting the edges when making your opening.
  • After tracing out your opening for the silhouette, a push pin can be used to make tiny, close holes around the trace mark for easier cutting with a craft knife. 
  • To neaten up cut marks, consider making a border, as shown in the lantern with the flag.
  • This lantern can be made for any holiday or occasion or just because!




Lanterns with glow stick inside by Fran W
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