Leaf People and Creatures


Turn the leaves you collect into people, animals, objects, and fun designs.

You’ll need:

A variety of leaves that have been pressed, construction paper, glue, waxed paper, and heavy books
Optional: Wiggly eyes, yarn, colored pencils, watercolor and a paint brush

What to do:


  • Hunt for a variety of leaves.
  • Press the leaves between newspaper, waxed paper, or recycled grocery bags, and place heavy books on top of them overnight.
  • Use the leaves to create your person, animal, object or design in creative ways. Consider making a background with colored pencils or watercolor paint.
  • Once you like your design, glue it to construction paper and add extras like wiggly eyes and hair (yarn). 
  • Cover with waxed paper and put a few books on top to keep the leaves in place for an hour or so.
  • Hang it up or give it away!
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