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Funschooling News #25 STEM Edition

Hi! Welcome to Funschooling News STEM Edition! Are you looking for some inexpensive, family-friendly activities that will help make your week a little more fun and interesting? This week’s learning activities include projects that turn leaves into an really fun learning tool. There’s a lot of chemistry in this […]

Colorful Leaf Rubbings

Leaf Rubbings by Fran W To make leaf rubbings, you will need: Pressed leaves Crayons – peeled White construction or copy paper Place the leaves under white paper any way you want, and rub the side of the crayon over the paper so that the shape of the […]

Experiment: Chromatography of Leaves

Why Do Leaves Change Colors? To do this experiment, you will need: Leaves of various colors from different plants (2 of each), rubbing alcohol, hot tap water, plastic knife or spoon, clear cups or glass containers, scissor, mortar and pestle, permanent marker, masking tape, a paper coffee filter and […]

Leaf People and Creatures

Leave Monster by Fran W.` Turn the leaves you collect into people, animals, objects, and fun designs.You’ll need: A variety of leaves that have been pressed, construction paper, glue, waxed paper, and heavy booksOptional: Wiggly eyes, yarn, colored pencils, watercolor and a paint brush What to do: Hunt […]

Leaf Identification Activities

If you’ve collected a bunch of leaves on your leaf hunt, here are some fun ways to learn how to identify them:Identify your leaves – The University of Florida has a printable Botany Handbook filled with information about leaves and plants that you may find useful. It also offers a bunch […]

Leaf Prints and Leaf Stencils

Leaf Prints and Leaf Stencils by Fran W To make leaf prints or stencils you will need: A variety of paper: copy, construction, cardstock, small leaves: fresh or pressed, a paint brush, a clean sponge, food dye, water color, or non-toxic paint, bowl of water to clean brushes and leaves, […]

Leaf Hunting

Pack a lunch and go on a leaf hunt!Here are some items you may want to take along with you:A container to put your leaves in, a camera, drawing paper and a pencilOptional: Tree identification book, your Nature BackpackWhat to look for…Look for every tree leaf you can find! Look […]

Fall Leaves

Did you know… Chlorophyll gives leaves their green color, carotenoid gives them an orange color, xanthophylls give a yellow color, anthocyanin gives a red color and tannin gives a brown color. Question…During the summer we see green leaves. Leaves change colors in the fall…or do they? How and […]


Fall Leaves by Fran W. Autumn begins in the Northern Hemisphere between September 22nd and 24th each year, and as the green leaves fade away, we are left with the beautifully colored leaves of fall. The weather will grow colder, signs for seasonal festivals and celebrations will pop-up around […]