Create A 3-D Halloween Scene

3-D Halloween Scene by Fran W.

A 3-D scene, or a diorama, is a creative way to express an idea, thought, experience, or tell a story. They can be made very simply or very complicated and detailed. They can also be interactive, stationary, or somewhere in between! It’s all up to you.

To make a 3-D Halloween scene, you will need:
Your container…
This may include: A shoe box, a recycled box, a 1 gallon milk/water jug, milk/juice carton, cereal box, a jar, an old foam pumpkin, etc.

Craft supplies…
Glue, construction paper, acrylic or non-toxic paint, paint brushes, chenille stems, stickers, scissor, tissue paper, toothpicks, thread or string, pom-poms, air-dry clay, cotton balls, and anything you have on hand.

Add extras…
Action figures, small plastic or clay animals, outdoor items such as sticks, rocks, shells, feathers, acorns, etc., lights, spider webs, etc.

What will your scene be about?
Since this activity is meant to have a Halloween theme, think about what you would like to depict within your scene. Will your scene include a creepy old house with a bare tree and bats and ghosts flying around? Will you tell the story of a person walking through the woods? Will it be about a trip to the pumpkin patch? Maybe your story will show what you plan to do on Halloween night!


  • Paint the background: Is it day or night? Where does the scene take place? Park, woods, a graveyard, a pumpkin patch, etc. 
  • Paint or cover the bottom: Leaves, grass, dirt, sand, gravel, gravestones, pumpkins, etc. 
  • Make your own figures: Use chenille stems, toothpicks, wire, etc.
  • Use Halloween themed stickers, clipart, or pictures from a magazine/flyer.
  • Use string or thread to hang things down from the top.
  • Make pumpkins out of pom-poms.
  • Make gravestones from recycled cereal/cracker boxes.

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