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Are you interested in learning about reindeer a.k.a caribou? Click on this link and learn about these beautiful creatures, make a diorama with the information learned about them, play some games and watch a short video of them in action!
Santa is taking applications so he can find a new reindeer to help pull his sleigh! Maybe the reindeer you create will qualify to help! What will your reindeer need to know? Be able to do? Find out!
Reindeer Games & Activities Off Site

Word Searches, a Crossword  Puzzle and Mazes
Print Activities: Santa’s Reindeer Word Search Puzzle
Right click to print.

A Kid’s Heart: Printable Word Search Puzzle: Reindeer
Please read and follow print directions.
Crossword Puzzles: Santa’s Reindeer Crossword Puzzle
Can be played online or downloaded and printed.
Santa Times: Reindeer Maze
Reindeer shaped maze.

Print Activities: Santa Maze
Help Santa find his reindeer. Great for beginners.

Printable Mazes for Kids: Santa & Reindeer Maze
A bit harder.

Crafts and Learning Activities

Easy Child Crafts: Reindeer Paper Chain
Santa Times: Reindeer Mask
Offers reindeer based coloring pages, crafts, recipes, and a reindeer jigsaw puzzle that can be done online.

First School: Reindeer Craft
Featuring ‘Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer’

Reindeer Barn
Take a minute to visit Raymond, who lives in the Reindeer Barn, if you click on certain areas of the barn (they “swell” as you pass them), you will be able to listen to or read one of four stories that features Raymond. If you look on the bottom of the page, click on the area that says, “Hidden Story Hints” to see where the stories are hidden.

Enchanted Learning: Reindeer Crafts and Activities
Offers a paper bag reindeer craft, hand and foot craft idea, a reindeer anatomy chart which includes a small amount of info about reindeer, a printable reindeer that can be labeled, and a printable quiz.
Christmas Decoration Crafts links to a variety of reindeer activities including food related items, yarn crafts, nature crafts, wood crafts and much more.
DragoArt: How to draw an anime Rudolph – Site offers step by step instructions for drawing an anime Rudolph.

Learning Resources and Lesson Plans/Unit Studies

National Geographic Kids: Caribou
NGK offers ‘Creature Feature’ slides to read and a short video about caribou.
Being Caribou:
Caribou Migration
This site offers information about caribou migration.

Located here on Fran’s World of Discovery, this post offers a few fun and educational links to other reindeer resources, a diorama activity and suggested topics to study along with resources.
Wikipedia: Reindeer
Wikipedia offers general information about caribou, their environment, habitat, antlers, diet, migration, history and more.
This is the fourth lesson of a serious on Arctic Animals.
Learn what it takes to graze reindeer in Alaska and learn some facts.
What can be done with this information?
I hope you find the info I’ve offered above and in the videos below helpful for learning about and having fun with reindeer. I’d like to offer a few more suggestions on how the information can be used and what you can do to have a real-life experience with a reindeer.

Make a Reindeer Book, Diorama, a 3-D Model or a Drawing – Make a shape book, lapbook, or any kind of book that contains the information that you and/or your family find the most interesting about reindeer. Add pictures of any experiences you may have and drawings that have been made as well. Consider creating a diorama featuring the information you learned or a 3-D model of a caribou.

Visit a Place that has Reindeer – Some zoos or churches bring in reindeer to celebrate the winter season. If you get the chance, go and visit one. You may be able to touch one! If you are lucky enough to live in an area that’s home to these beautiful creatures, see if you can observe them, at a safe distance, in the wild.

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