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This lizard resource page has been created to serve as a companion to a research/activity guide for lizards, written and developed by Fran Wisniewski, for anyone who would like to learn about them…
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The guide can also be used to…
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Lizards in the News

Reptile Magazine: Lizards – Information about lizard: Species, pet care, gallery, breeding, wild lizards, information & news

Science Daily: Frogs and Reptiles – News and information

National Geographic SocietyBlind, Legless Lizard Discovered—New Species – Article.

New Scientist: Lizards Poisonous Secret is Revealed – Informative article about lizard venom.

General Information

FactZoo:Types of Lizards – Brief information about a variety of lizards.

Sheppard SoftwareLizards – Take a quiz to see what you know and learn about a variety of lizards.

WikipediaHerpetology– General Info.

WikipediaLizard – General Info.

Animal-World: Lizard Classification – Find out about the different classes of lizards.

Animal World – Venomous Lizards – Find out about venomous lizards.

Animals: About: Lizards – Basic information about lizards.

State Symbols USA:List of State Reptiles and Amphibians USA – List of “official” state reptiles, include lizards. 

Anatomy and Health

Learn the names of a lizard’s bones – Unlabeled and Labeled photo offered.

ClipArt etc.Reptile Anatomy: This site offers 61 illustrations of reptile anatomy, including lizards, in various sizes. 

Lizard LoungeLizard Tongue – Learn how various lizards use their tongue to smell, hunt and keep their eyes clean.

WikiVet: Lizard Anatomy – Systems of the lizard, including Lizard EyeLizard Ear and Taste and Smell

Reptile Hunter 3520: Lizard Anatomy and Physiology – Learn about the digestive, reproductive, respiratory, and nervou
s system, in addition to how a lizard’s senses work.

Disorders and Diseases of Reptiles – Learn about the different diseases reptiles can get; includes lizards.

Popular Lizards Noted for Their Medicinal Uses – Article about what lizards are used as medicine and the types of illnesses they are used for.

The Lizard LoungeParietal Eye – Find out what the parietal eye is and where it is located. Learn about their limbscirculatory system, tail and tongue. Learn lizard terminology and look through an a-z list of lizard photos in the gallery.

About: Exotic Pets:Metabolic Bone Disease – Learn about the disease and how it can be diagnosed and treated.

WikiVet:Lizard Cardiovascular System – Basics of a lizard’s cardiovascular system.

NY Times:One Reason Lizards Have Ears: To Eavesdrop – Article about a study that found out what lizards are listening for.

Science Daily: Why Does Gecko, A Chinese Traditional Medicine, Have Anti-Tumor Effects? Article about the effects of gecko powder on tumor growth. This site also has an article about a neon blue-tailed tree lizard that glides from branch to branch.

The Reptile Hunter’s Lair – Learn about lizard: Digestive system, reproductive system, nervous system, senses, respiratory system, autotomy, and life span. This site also offers a care sheet for a variety of lizards. (There is a lot of valuable information on this site, but there are pop-ups too.)

Venomous Lizards – Read about the various types of venomous lizards and what venom they carry.

LLLReptile:Reptile Brumation – Some cold-blooded animals go into a hibernation-like state. Learn more about it here.

NCBI:Evolution of Anolis Lizard Dewlap Diversity – Find out what is known about the dewlap.


Scientific American:How is the gender of some reptiles determined by temperature? – Article.

Pawnation: List of Lizards That Bear Live Young -Find out what lizards give birth rather than lay eggs.

BioExpedition:Lizard reproduction – Facts and information about egg and live baring lizards.

Scientific American:No Sex Needed: All-Female Lizard Species Cross Their Chromosomes to Make Babies – An article about asexual lizards.

Live Science:Female Komodo Dragon has Virgin Births – Article about a captive komodo dragon that lays eggs not fertilized by a male dragon.

Scientific American:Strange but True: Komodo Dragaons Show That “Virgin Births” are Possible – Article about captive komodo dragons that lay eggs not fertilized by male dragons. This article is bit more informative than the other article and talks about 2 female dragons who produce asexually and how the process happens.


AnimalHospitals-USALizard Diseases – Find out what diseases lizards can get, there causes, signs and symptoms to look for and in some cases, what can be done.

CDC: Reptile, Amphibians and Salmonella – Informative article issued by the CDC (Center for Disease Control).

NCBI: Viruses in Reptiles – The US National Library of Medicine: National Institute of Health: Information about viruses in reptiles; includes lizards.

Around the World

Reptile Data Base – Get the latest stats about reptiles around the world.

Prehistoric Connections

The ScientistAncient Pigments Unearthed – Article about how fossilized skin reveals the colors of three extinct marine reptile… mentions monitor lizard.

Science Codex: UI researcher and colleagues discover new species of ancient Asian lizard

Scholastic: Dinosaur Evolution – Question and Answer article. What are dinosaurs?

Extinct Lizards

WikipediaList of recently Extinct Reptiles – List of a few extinct reptiles; includes lizards.

MongaBayThe World’s Most Endangered Lizards – Offers a list of extinct lizards and ones that are in endangered.

Endangered Lizards

KidzWorld: Wild Things: Endangered Reptiles – Read about a few endangered reptiles; includes lizards.

The Conversation: Australian Endangered Species Christmas Island Forest Skink be sure to check out other information by putting the word: Lizard in the search box in the upper right-hand side of the site.

Endangered Species InternationalReptiles – How to help save reptiles.

ExtinctAnimalEndangered Reptiles – List of endangered reptiles.

Wikipedia Monitor lizards Find out why monitor lizards are endangered.

LiveScienceMonitor Lizards Threatened by Pet Trade, Fashion Industry – Article about how the monitor lizard has become threatened. 

Science CodexModern dragons in danger – the relentless exploitation of Asian giant lizards revealed – Article about monitor lizards.

Wikipedia: St. Croix Ground Lizard – General information with picture.

MongaBayThe World’s Most Endangered Lizards – Offers a list of extinct lizards and ones that are in endangered.

Reptile/Animal Societies

American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists

Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles

Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES)

IUCN Red List – List of threatened species. (International Union for Conservation of Nature)

Lizard Sounds


Scientific AmericanHow Do Chameleons Regenerate Lost Body Parts? – Article that explains regeneration.

KidsWorld: Colors of a Chameleon – Article offers some reasons why chameleons change colors

Marine Iguana

Smithsonian Ocean Portal
: Podcast about a Marine Iguana 5:21

The Animal FilesMarine Iguana – General information.

Wikipedia: Marine Iguana – General information.

Misc Lizard Information & Resources
Aggressive Display and Territorial Fighting in the Green Anole – Info about behavior. Includes diagram of brain.

Enchanted LearningFrilled Lizard – Information and lizard printout offered. More lizard info can be found here on the site.

National Geographic:Why Do Mysterious Lizards Have Green Blood? – Find out why one species of lizard has green blood.

How Stuff Works:Are Komodo dragons’ mouths deadlier than cobras’ venom? – Article about a komodo dragon’s bite.

Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles:How to be a Herpetologist – Find out what you need to do to have a career working with lizards.

Encyclopedia of Life: There is an impressive database (over 4500 entries) of lizard information on this site. Listen to a podcast about Anole lizards. Scientific study.

Wild Florida: Lizards – Offers a list of native and non-native lizards living in Florida. Pictures and brief description offered for most lizards.

FLMNH: Check list of Florida Lizards – Florida Museum of Natural History offers A-V list of native and non-native lizards that can be found in Florida with pictures.


Lizard Coloring Pages, Activity Suggestions  and Craft Ideas

AMNHLizards & Snakes: Alive! Coloring Book – Sampling of pages.

DLTK: Gecko Paper Craft, Gecko Scissor Skills CraftChameleon Crafts and 

Activities – Offers lizard related crafts.

First School: Reptile Coloring pages – Includes: Chameleon, Chuckwalla, Gecko, Gila Monster, Iguana, Komodo Dragon and more.

Coloring Pages 101:Lizards – Large variety of lizard coloring pages that can be printed or colored online.

Super ColoringLizards – A variety of serious and fun coloring pages.

Enchanted LearningLizard Printouts: Basilisk, blue-tongued skink, frilled lizard, komono dragon, veiled chameleon and more.

Squidoo: Lizard Garden – Get some ideas on how you can make a lizard garden.

Artists Helping ChildrenLizard Crafts – This site offers a variety of lizard crafts that link up to other

*Look in the YouTube section below for lizard origami projects.

Lizard Videos
San Diego ZooBlue Tongued Skink 1:47

National GeographicFrilled Lizard on the run.
YouTube Videos

Educational Resources

Lizards and Snakes Alive for educators

Herpetology at the University of Texas at Austin

Havard University Herpetology Department

Tree of Life Web Project: Life as a Lizard Unit and Role Play Game

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Lizards by Fran W. Photo by
Teri Agiga


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