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History of Video Games

Nintendo 64 by Fran W.

PBS: Video Game Revolution: The History of Video Games – Site offers an interactive timeline, a ‘look’ inside the game, which includes information about how games go from storyboard to store shelf, info about the impact of gaming and much more.

Info Please: Timeline: Video GamesSite offers information about video games in a timeline format. From 1958 – 2014.

The Strong: National Museum of Play: Video Game History Timeline – Timeline begins with the 1940’s

How Stuff Works: How Video Game Systems Work – Scroll through to find out how video game systems work. The History of Video Games  – This link will take you to an interactive timeline that begins at 1967 and runs through to the Future. This site also offers videos about The History of Video Game Consoles: Part 1, Part 2, & Part 3

Video Game Museum – Offers museum and classic game news and a gallery of old games and accessories.

Wikipedia: History of Video Games – Site offers a lot of information about the history of video games.

How To Design A Video Game

WikiHow: How to Make A Video Game From Scratch –
 Site offers a tutorial with images and written instructions.

You Can Make Video Games: Informative Video 7:06 Downloadable PDF available on this site.

Scirra: Construct 2 – Site allows visitors to design and create their own dream games. No programming required. Free download.

Roblox – Site allows you to build your own video game. Registration required.


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