Wolf Resources

General Information

Gray Wolf Pups by spacebirdy / CC-BY-SA-3.0

Sheppard Software: Wolves – Information about appearances, character and behavior, reproduction and classification. Site offers some pictures.

National Geographic Kids: Gray Wolf – Pictures, facts, maps and more.


Wolf Worlds: Types of Wolves – Facts about wolves.

Wikipedia: Subspecies of Canis lupus and Gray Wolf – Information.

International Wolf Center: Types of Wolves – Scientific classification of wolves.

Wolves of the World – Site offers pictures of wolves around the world.


Animal Corner: Wolf Anatomy – Labeled parts and information.

Running With The Wolves – Anatomy – Labeled pictured, includes reproductive organs.

Wolf Haven: Anatomy and Habitat – Physical description: Bones, teeth, tracks, and more. 

Wolf Folktales, Myths, Legends, & Stories

Wikipedia: Wolves in Folklore, Religion and Mythology – Cultural beliefs.
Native American Wolf Mythology – Names of Native American Wolf Gods and Spirits and Native American Legends About Wolves

Wolf Country: Myths, Legends, & Stories: Site offers 20 wolf related stories. This site offers 11 tracks of wolf sounds as well.

Living With Wolves: Tackling the Myths – 5 myths about wolves.

Fun For Kids

Wild Kids – Wolf vocabulary, fun facts, articles, a wolf mask, coloring book, and more.

Sheppard Software: Wolf Puzzle – Play on line.

Wolf Conservation Center: Coloring pages, word search, mask, quiz and more.

Printable wolf-related word puzzles can be found on the following sites:

             Zoobooks            Cybersleuth Kids           Wolfology 1
Activity Village: Wolves – Information, crafts and printables that are wolf related.

Artist Helping Children: Wolf Crafts for Kids – Offers links to other sites.

DLTK: Wolves – Puzzle, coloring pages, and craft ideas.

First School: Wolves – Coloring pages, puzzle, crafts, and wolf related stories.

Videos & Cams

WCC: Wolf Cam – Ambassador Wolves Zephyr, Alawa, and Nikai: Wolf Rock Cam

Click on the playlist to see video names.

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