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Funschooling News #15 STEM Edition

Hi! Welcome to Funschooling News STEM Edition! Are you looking for some inexpensive, family-friendly activities that will help make your week a little more fun and interesting? This week’s learning activities include projects that put those old CD’s to good use.If you missed the first part of this […]

Tangle & Zentangle Art

Art and meditation can take on many forms and Zentangle patterns combine both of these awesome things in a creative way. If this idea has piqued your interest, there are a few rules you’ll need to know before you begin drawing with dots, lines, curves, S-curves, and orbs, and […]


Pentominoes Pentominoes are a tiling puzzle used in recreational mathematics. Each of the twelve (12) pieces are made with 5 equal squares that are meant to resemble the Latin alphabet. These pieces can be put together in thousands of ways in order to fill in a variety of areas in puzzle-like ways such […]

Celebrate Pi Day

Wikipedia: Pi – This site offers a lot of information about PI, including:Fundamentals, History, Modern quest for more digits, Uses and more. This site has information about Pi Day too.WikiHow: How to Celebrate Pi Day – Offers 4 ways: Enjoy Pi-Themed Foods, Pi-Themed Ambiance, Throw a Pi-Themed Celebration, and Celebrate […]


What is a Polyhedron?Math is Fun: Polyhedrons– Offers a brief explanation of polyhedrons and some examples. Wolfram MathWorld: Polyhedron – Explains what a polyhedron is and offers examples. Wikipedia: Polyhedron – Explains what a polyhedron is, and offers visual examples.Polyhedra Projects George Hart: Classroom Polyhedra Activities: Offers a variety […]

Heads-Up: Coin Flips and Tricks

For this activity, you will need a few coins, and paper and pencil Heads or Tails: Before flipping a coin, decide if it will land heads or tails. Write down your prediction. Roll a coin through your fingers: This is a great way to keep your fingers flexible! There’s […]

Ten Fun Projects You Can Do With Symmetry

Something is symmetrical when one half of an object is the mirror image of the other. If you need a little more information about symmetry, the site LINKS Learning has a visual explanation.Here are some examples of symmetrical things: A triangle, face, butterfly, bugs, and many leaves, flowers and sea […]


Wikipedia: Spirals – Spirals and helices, 2D spirals, 3D spirals, In nature, As a symbol, and In art.Mathematische Basteleien: Spirals – What is a spiral? and types of spiral.Wolfram MathWorld: Logarithmic Spirals – Equation offered.Phi: 1.618: The Golden Number: Spirals and the Golden Ration – Article: Fibonacci numbers and Phi […]

Geometric Designs

Cleave Books – A PDF file with geometric designs made from simple shapes. Dearing Draws – Site offers tutorials, videos, and free downloads of geometric patterns. Creative Bloq – 23 Glorious Geometric Patterns in Design – See what happens when shapes take center stage.Design School: 50 Stunningly Beautiful Geometric Patterns In […]


By JeffyP MIQEL: Naturally Occurring Fractals – Includes plants, rivers, galaxies, clouds, weather, population patterns, stocks, video feedback, crystal growth, etc.. WIRED: Earth’s Most Stunning Natural Fractal Patterns – Scroll through a gallery of fractals. Mother Nature Network: 14 Amazing Fractals Found in Nature – Site offers a gallery […]