Chinese New Year

Celebrate Chinese New Year with these fun, cultural activities… Tangrams – Make your own Tangram pieces and puzzles.

The China Culture Corner: 12 Important Symbols of The Chinese Spring Festival – Learn about the colors, characters, traditions, and symbols that make up this celebration.

DLTK: Chinese Zodiac – Learn how to write the characters for each of the Chinese zodiac and learn a little bit about each one.

China Highlights: The Chinese Zodiac Story  – The Zodiac Rankings Race – Read the story about Chinese Zodiac.

The myth behind the Chinese zodiac – Megan Campisi and Pen-Pen Chen

Make your own Zodiac Mat or Wheel

As you find out about each zodiac symbol, glue that icon to a mat or wheel and add information about it underneath.

Make a Chinese Character Necklace

Good Luck      Love      Happiness     Wisdom      Health     Fortune

You will need…

A cardboard cereal box, scissor, hole punch, red paint and a paint brush, a black maker, a pony bead, ribbon and the printable Chinese Characters from Activities For Kids

What to do…

Cut cardboard into circles and paint each one red. Once they dry, pop a hole in the top of each one, then write a different Chinese Character in the middle with a marker. Loop a ribbon with a pony bead through the hole on top and tie it off to make a necklace.

Chopstick Frame

Make a frame with chopsticks, draw a Chinese character on a piece of paper the size of your frame, and glue it to the chopsticks. Once dry, glue a ribbon to hang the frame, and add a dragon, panda, tiger or another animals related to China, to one corner of the frame.

Other Suggestions…

Make Bookmarks with Chinese Symbols

Origami Zodiac Symbols
The Origami Resource Center has a variety of zodiac symbols to choose from.

Make a Chinese Yo-Yo

You will need a dowel, wrapping paper – 6’x 5-7″, and a glue stick to do this project.
InstructablesPaper Yo-Yo – Instructions.

Coloring and Activity Pages

DLTK: China – Chinese New Year and China Crafts and Children’s Activities

Enchanted Learning: Chinese New Year – Crafts and activities for the Chinese New Year. This site offers information about the holiday and instructions for crafts free of charge. A paid membership may be required for some of the printable pages.

Panda Express: Chinese New Year Resource Page – Site offers a video, printable worksheets, lesson plans, and information about the Chinese Zodiac.

The Do It Yourself Mom – Offers a free 29 page PDF filled with 20+ crafts and activities to help celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Still Learning Something New: Resources For Teaching Chinese New Year – Links to games, resources, craft ideas, and more.

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