Getting to know Ireland
Wikipedia: Ireland
History, including prehistoric Ireland, politics, economy, geography, flora and fauna, demographics, and culture. Information about the Government of Ireland can be found on this site as well.
Places to visit and tips & advice – includes prices.
Includes photos and information.
Information about the island, history of, government, mythology, Irish castles, everyday life, symbols & flags, the country, and visiting Ireland.
DLTK: Ireland
Irish Crafts and Activities for Kids: About Ireland, facts, coloring pages, maps and flags, folklore, jigsaw puzzles, recipes, and St. Patrick’s Day.
Enchanted Learning: Republic of Ireland
Includes a map, information about: its location, the capitol, languages, population, flag, climate, major rivers, high and low points, printables, and craft ideas.
Links to Irish: Literature, music, recipes, tourist info, historical info and more. Get two free ebooks when you subscribe to their newsletter.
Ireland’s Eye: Normans – Historical information.

Activity Village: Ireland – Information, craft activities, printables and videos.
Geography and Maps of Ireland
See a satellite image of Ireland, get climate information and more.
Altapedia: Ireland
Geographical information including: location, geography, climate, people, religion, education and more.
Media Maps: Ireland
Map of Ireland, including its towns and cities.
4 Articles: The Castles of Dunluce & Carrickfergus, The Castles of Galway, 
Castle Salem, and King John’s Castle and 10 Articles in Geography & Maps of Ireland
Offers a photo tour of mountains, cliffs and waterways of Ireland.
Ireland’s Eye: Blarney Stone
Information about the Blarney Stone (The Gift of Gab).

Irish Culture
Museums of Ireland
Visitor information, archaeology, decorative arts & history, country life, natural hi
story, collections and research, and explore and learn.

What’s On, collections, and a picture library.
Irish music
Listen to Irish music. 

The High Kings
An Irish band that sings Irish classics in a modern way.
Irish Art
Wikipedia: Irish Art 
Early Irish Art, Towards and Irish Art, and Modern Art

Irish Art
Directory of Irish artists.

Irish Museum of Modern Art
Exhibits, collections and more.
Irish Language
Sign up for “Irish for Beginners”, a FREE one month course.
Omniglot: Irish (Gaeilge)
Offers information about the language, including: The origin of writing in Ireland, the Ogham alphabet, with medieval manuscripts, modern Irish alphabet, pronunciation and more.
Irish food
Ireland’s Eye: Irish Recipes
Site offers traditional Irish recipes. 50 Favorite Irish Dishes
Use the arrows to scroll through pictures of traditional foods. Click on the recipe’s name to go to that recipe.
Irish People
Biography: Famous Irish People
A picture gallery of famous Irish to learn about.
Wikipedia: Irish People
A history of the Irish people.
Irish Sports
Wikipedia: Sports in Ireland
Sports played in Ireland.

YourIrish: The Traditional Irish Game of Hurling
Information about the sport and a video.


Irish Celebrations and Traditions
Irish Culture and Customs: Feast of St. Martin
Explains why the day is celebrated.
History Channel: St. Patrick’s Day
Site offers videos about the holiday and its traditions.

Enchanted Learning: St. Patrick
St. Patrick’s Day Crafts and Activities.
Universal Preschool: St. Patrick’s Day
Activities for families with young children.

Homefires: St. Patty’s Day Activities: Rainbows, Shamrocks and Leprechauns
Craft activities for families to enjoy and connections to other resources.

Ireland Information: Irish Wedding Tradition
Offers the history of Irish wedding traditions. Irish Wakes
Information about traditional Irish wakes.
Irish Literature, Mythology, Folklore, Stories & Drama

Luminarium: Irish Literature, Mythology, Folklore, and Drama
There is a lot to choose from on this site. Literature, myths, folklore, stories, art, music, Irish fairies, saints, film and more.
Irish Culture and Customs: Kids Stories
Site offers an interesting selection of stories geared toward kids.

The Project Gutenberg: EBook of Irish Fairy Tales, by James Stephens
Read each story, chapter by chapter.

Ireland Calling: Irish Fairy Stories & Folk Tales
Six stories are offered on this page and links to others on the site.

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