Ten Fun Projects You Can Do With Symmetry

Something is symmetrical when one half of an object is the mirror image of the other. If you need a little more information about symmetry, the site LINKS Learning has a visual explanation.

Here are some examples of symmetrical things: A triangle, face, butterfly, bugs, and many leaves, flowers and sea shells.

Activity Suggestions

Hunt for symmetrical things. Look for symmetrical objects in your home and outside. Take pictures or draw the things you find most interesting.

Take or find pictures of symmetrical things. Print or find a picture of something symmetrical and cut it in half so that both halves are mirrored, then tape or glue one half to a piece of drawing paper, and recreate the missing side with a crayon, colored pencils, or markers. Give the other side to a friend or family member and do the activity together.
Tip: A page or picture from a magazine will work well for this activity.

Make a symmetrical design. Draw or use paper cut-outs to make one side of a symmetrical design, then recreate the other side with a different medium such as: Paint, clay, pastels, colored pencils, etc..

Make symmetrical designs with pattern blocks. If you don’t have pattern blocks, then print out a set of your own using the resource below or cut out paper shapes from construction paper.  Make cool designs with the blocks or paper blocks. When you make one you really like, glue the design to a piece of paper or take a picture of it.

Paint someone’s face in a symmetrical way. A recipe for face paint can be found in the resource section below.

Move in a symmetrical way. Make up a dance, or some kind of moving pattern with your body where both sides do something the same way: first one side, then the other, or both at the same time. Set the movements to music.

Compose a symmetrical beat. Use an instrument, object, or your body to create a symmetrical beat. Below, you will find a video with an example of a symmetrical beat.

Build a symmetrical design with blocks or Legos. Use any building toy to create a symmetrical design.

Draw your own design on graph, grid, or dot paper. You will need coloring supplies for this activity. Printable pages can be found in resources.

Design your own symmetrical coloring page. The video, Symmetry Activity can be used to inspire this project.

Useful resources

Jessica’s Corner of Cyberspace: Free Printable Pattern Blocks

WikiHow: Make Your Own Face Paint

IncompetechPrintable Graph & Grid Paper (Dot paper too.)

Mathematical Music !! – Video

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