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Summertime Puzzle Fun

Introducing: Summertime Puzzle Fun!This Summertime themed publication has six (6) games, puzzles, and activities that can be played alone and with others.Activities include:– Summertime Word Find– Summertime Words Within Words Game– Summertime A-Z– Tic-Tac-Toe Game Board– Summertime Guess My Word– Dot grid for making designs and game play.Also included:Instructions for how to play Words […]

Bottle Roll Bullseye

This open-ended game can be played indoors or out and encourages players to make up their own rules and scoring system.You will need: An old sheet or an inexpensive white tablecloth (any shape), acrylic paint and a paint brush, recycled water bottles, water, and food coloring or paintOptional: […]

Creative Inspirations #3

Each month I like to offer my kids a bunch of activities that’ll spark their imagination and creativity. I think the stories and activities a person can come up with when offered an open-ended idea is amazing. For this activity you will need: Balloons, something to juggle, an audio/video […]

Summertime Fun: August, Volume 1

Mini Marble Run – Make a mini marble run with straws and B.B.s Creative Inspirations #3 – Take time to get creative with the two words offered for the month. Soda Pop Project – Learn how soda got its start and make some delicious concoctions of your own!Bottle […]

Scented Bubbles

Bubbles are great to play with any time of the year, add a scent to them to make them even more fun!You can make scented bubbles in a variety of ways:Bubble Base: Make your own bubbles or use commercial.To make your own, experiment with good dish soap, water, […]

Spray Art

Here’s a fun and messy project that’s best done outdoors.You will need: Water guns or a few small inexpensive spray bottles, *food dye or diluted tempera paint, vinegar, water, cardstock paper or a shirt, clips, strong string, and a sunny dayWhat to do: Run a string between two trees […]

Summer Fun July Volume 1

Hot Dogs – July is National Hot Dog Month! Learn about hot dogs, play some games, do a puzzle and what how hot dogs are made. Spray Art – Do a fun painting activity outdoors!Animal Antics – You get to act like your favorite animal in this fun game! […]

Experiments You Can Do With The Sun

Have some fun with the sun by doing solar experiments! You Will Need A hot sunny day, dark colored construction paper, various objects that won’t melt: A key, leaf, pencil, scissors, etc., crayons, cookie sheet, potholder, aluminum foil, a glass jar, tea bag, old crayons, inexpensive XX-large garbage bags, […]

Summertime Fun – June, Volume 1

I have 13 fun activities for you and your family to enjoy this month.  You can look forward to doing experiments, puzzles, crafts, games, observational activities, creative activities, and a few other things. If you’re interested in playing along with us, here are the items you will need.  […]