Hoop Challenge

Today, I’m offering you a challenge that includes any size hoop or ring! 

The object of this challenge is for you to do something creative with one or more hoops or rings. 

Here are the rules for the challenge…

The hoop/ring can be any size.

The hoop/ring can be made from any material: Rope, plastic, tubing, wood, etc.

Play inside or out.

Play so no one gets hurt.

Nothing should get broken that shouldn’t.

Need a little inspiration?

Make up some kind of dance that includes a hoop or many hoops.

Come up with a one of a kind game that includes or feature hoops.

Design an obstacle course that includes a hoop, or several hoops.

Make up an activity for the pool that includes a hoop/ring.

Use a hoop as a goal or target.

Use a hoop as a game piece.

Make up some tricks.

If you would like to learn more about the history of hula hoops and get some ideas for things that can be done with them, check out this post on Funschooling & Recreational Learning.

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