Solitaire Challenge #1 Peg Solitaire

Peg Solitaire has been around for hundreds of years and with good reason, it is an addictively fun puzzle-game to play!

Below you will find an online version, and a way to make or print your own board.

Compact Fun has an a multiversion peg solitaire that can be played online.

Aunt Annie’s Crafts has instructions to help you make your own, and a printable version can be played with pennies or cereal.

Wikipedia has some information about the history of the game and instructions for how to play it.

Look for the game app in your favorite app store as well.

If you like the game, a solid board can be purchased in many stores under the names:
Hi-Q or Peg Solitaire. Many dollar stores carry a version too, check the toy section.

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