Pop & Play Dart Game

Carnival games are a lot of fun to play at any skill level. This version adds a bit of a twist to it that makes it a little more entertaining.

You will need: A large thick piece of cardboard, paint, paint brush, darts, staple gun, staples, and water balloons

Optional: Paper and pen.

Set-up: Paint your cardboard panel any way you like, blow up a bunch of water balloons, tie them off, and staple them to the board. Use the darts to pop the balloons.
Optional: Think of some fun activities or actions, write them on small slips of paper, roll them up, and put one in each balloon before blowing them up. After all the balloons have been popped, gather up all the papers inside and take turns reading and doing what they stay. Below, you will find a few ideas to get you started, I encourage you to come up with more. You can decide if ever balloon needs to have an activity in it. 
Here are some activity suggestions you can add to the balloons:
  1. Do 10 Jumping Jacks.
  2. Find something that begins with a certain letter of the alphabet.
  3. Find a certain object.
  4. Act like an animal.
  5. Sing/hum a few bars of your favorite song and ask others to guess it.
  6. Name 5 things that you see in or on a tree.
  7. Throw a ball into a container.
  8. Do a silly dance.
  9. Tell a joke.
  10. Make up a riddle.
  11. Play a round of the guessing game: I Spy.
  12. Name 5 object that are a certain color.
  13. Say a shape you see in the clouds.
  14. Juggle 3 water balloons (filled with water is optional).
  15. Play a round of: I’m thinking of…

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