What is a Polyhedron?

Math is Fun: Polyhedrons– Offers a brief explanation of polyhedrons and some examples.
Wolfram MathWorld: Polyhedron Explains what a polyhedron is and offers examples.
Wikipedia: Polyhedron – Explains what a polyhedron is, and offers visual examples.

Polyhedra Projects
George Hart: Classroom Polyhedra Activities: Offers a variety polyhedra construction projects.
Math Forum: Polyhedra in the Classroom – Site offers: Projects, visual models, animations, and more.
Math NYU: Gumdrop Polyhedra – Build polyhedra from simple items. Instructions in a PDF format.
NCTM: Illuminations: Geometric Solids – An interactive site about geometric solids.
Polyhedra  Investigations – This UK site allows visitors to interact with solid geometric objects and explains their parts.
Printable Activities

These sites offer free downloads, please use caution when downloading things off the internet. 

Fun Stuff To Do: Geometric Shapes To PrintShapes, Designs & Polyhedra To Cut, Color or Fold
Paper Models of Polyhedra – A free printable PDF file with lots of 3D geometrical figure.
Paper Models of Polyhedra – Printable 3D geometrical figures. To use site, click on the design, then scroll down to the link that will allow you to print the PDF located at the bottom of the picture.

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