Earth Day Activities!

Save your take out containers, cereal boxes, small containers, old shirts, milk/water jugs and cartons, straws, soda/water bottles, bottle caps and lids, wire hangers, and egg shells for the following fun and Earth friendly activities!
Make Your Own Nature Backpack – Before you go out to explore the world, build a nature backpack to take along with you!
Net Bag – Use an old wire hanger to make a net bag that closes.
Crafts From Repurposed Items – Used a variety of recycled items to make useful things.
Make Your Own Bubble Solution – Make homemade bubble solution than bubble making objects from recycled items. Make scented bubbles too!
Solar Cooking – Make a solar cooker from a take out container then cook your lunch outside!
Bird Watching Activities – Bird watching activities from repurposed items, bird treat ideas, and links to bird-related activities and information.
Bottle Toss Game – Make a simple game with hula hoops and soda bottles.
Mini Marble Run – Instructions to make a mini marble run with straws, a cereal box, and a marble.
Make Your Own Bottle Cap Stamps– Make your own stamps from recycled caps and lids, then create a fun game to play with them.

Rock & Mineral Resources – Rock & Mineral Resources include: Types of rocks and minerals, rock symbols and mythology, experiments and more.
Geodes – Learn about geodes, how they are formed, how they form, interesting facts and do a crystal making activity with recycled egg shells.

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