September Special Days Volume 1 Resource Page

The following resources have been provided to help with the ideas and suggestions in the:

September’s Special Days Activity Companion

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The following links will take you to a post on Funschooling and Recreational ( Learning, Still Learning Something New, or to another site. Each is noted.

9/1 –  Emma M. Nutt Day
The A-Z of Manners & Etiquette: Telephone Etiquette
 9/2 – Great Fire of London – 1666
Funschooling and Recreational Learning: Great Fire of London
9/3 – Skyscraper Day
Still Learning Something New: Skyscraper Resource List
9/4 – Inventor Lewis Howard Latimer born 1848
Funschooling and Recreational LearningLewis Howard Latimer
9/5 – Cheese Pizza Day
Funschooling and Recreational Learning: Pizza Project Resource List
9/6 – Iguana Awareness Day
Funschooling and Recreational Learning: Lizard Resource Page
9/7 –  Grandma Moses Born 1860
Still Learning Something New: Grandma Moses Resource List
9/8 – Popcorn Festival Begins
Funschooling and Recreational LearningPopcorn Project
9/9 –  Teddy Bear Day
Kid Search: Teddy Bear Facts
9/10 – Sewing Machine Patented 1846
Funschooling and Recreational LearningSewing Machine
9/11 –  I Want My Own Business Day
9/12 – Video Game Day
Funschooling and Recreational LearningVideo Games
9/13 –  Author, Roald Dahl Born 1916
Still Learning Something New: Dahl Resource List
9/14 – Star Spangled Banner Composed by Francis Scott Key, 1814
Funschooling and Recreational LearningThe Star Spangled Banner
9/15 –  Make a Hat Day
iKat Bag: Cardboard Hat Patterns and Instructions
9/16 – Illusionist David Copperfield born 1956
Funschooling and Recreational Learning: Magic Tricks Resource Page
9/17 –  Constitution Day
Funschooling and Recreational Learning: U.S. Constitution Research Page
Still Learning Something New: Constitution Resource List
9/18 – Cheeseburger Day
National Day Calendar: National Cheeseburger Day
9/19 –  Talk Like a Pirate Day
Funschooling and Recreational Learning: Pirate Resource Page & Knots
Still Learning Something New: Pirate Resource List
9/20 – Artist Dale Chihuly born 1941
Funschooling and Recreational Learning: Dale Chihuly Resource Page
9/21 –  Banana Festival
LiveScience: Bananas: Health Benefits, Risks & Nutrition Facts
9/22 – Scientist Michael Faraday born 1791
Funschooling and Recreational Learning: Michael Faraday Resource Page
9/23 –  Neptune Discovered 1846
Planets for Kids: Planet Neptune Facts
9/24 – Jim Henson born 1936
Funschooling and Recreational Learning: The Jim Henson Resource Page
9/25 –  Poet, Author, Song Writer Shel Silverstein Born 1930
Shel Silverstein: Silverstein Biography and Resources
9/26 – Johnny Appleseed born 1774
Funschooling and Recreational Learning: Johnny Appleseed Resource Page
9/27  Rosetta Stone Deciphered 1822
Sept. 28 – Strawberry Cream Pie Day
Funschooling and Recreational Learning: Strawberry Craze
National Day Calendar: National Strawberry Cream Pie Day
9/29 –  Confucius Day
Funschooling and Recreational Learning: Chinese New Year
Quotations Page: Confucius Quotes
Activity Village: Traditional Chinese Games
9/30 – Hot Mulled Cider Day
Time & Date: Hot Mulled Cider Day

Food Network: Mulled Cran-Cider

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