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Magic tricks are a great way to learn science and mathematics. Some tricks require good deductive reasoning and observations skills. Most require good timing skills. All of them take practice so that they can look as natural and effortless as possible while being performed.

The following resources contain information about magic, tricks you can learn to do with ordinary household items, and famous magicians and illusionists.

What is Magic?
Wikipedia: Magic

Make Your Own Magic Props

You Can Do Magic: Magic Tricks for Kids
Written and video instructions for making a magic trick. Check out ‘Magic Lessons’ for more tricks.
Instructables: Magic Channel
Offers a variety of tricks you can make and do.
How To Do Magic Tricks
Kidzone: Magic Tricks
Tips for becoming a successful magician and a variety of tricks that use cards, coins and other household materials.
This site offer a library of easy to do magic tricks that use common household materials.
Magic tricks for beginners, hobbyists and pros.
Learn magic tricks that use coins and cards.
How to Do Tricks: How to Do Card Tricks
Site offers card and coin tricks.
This site offers 219 card tricks and tutorials…and counting.
Site offers tricks done with playing cards.
Illusions you can make yourself.
Come Together Kids: Optical Illusion Handprint
Turn your hand-print into an optical illusion.
Famous Magicians, Illusionists &a
mp; Escape Artists
Wikipedia: Harry Houdini
Site offers short video.
Wikipedia: Dai Vernon
A video of Dai Vernon’s life can be found in the video section below.
Wikipedia: David Copperfield
Site offers a short video.
About: Doug Henning
Wikipedia: Siegfried & Roy
Wikipedia: Mark Wilson
The video section below has more Penn & Teller videos.
Wikipedia: The Amazing Randi
Wikipedia: List of Magicians


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