Niels Bohrs

Niels Bohr 

Wikipedia has the following information: 

Niels Bohr
Biographical information, Bohr model, philosophy and more.

Bohr Model –  Origin, Electron energy levels, Tydberg formula and more.

Atomic TheoryAn example from the page: A scientific theory of the nature of matter, which states that matter is composed of discrete units called atoms.

Old Quantum Theory –  Basic principles, examples, De Broglie waves and more.

Quantum MechanicsHistory, mathematical formulations, and more.

Periodic Table – Offer a large chart and information.

Biography.come: Niels Bohr: Scientist, Physicist – Short article includes – Biographical information about his early life, Nobel Prize winner info, and more. 

Nobel Niels Bohr – Article offers a time-line of his life and accomplishments in written format.

Famous Scientists: Niels Bohr – Biographical information, facts, and pictures about Bohr’s life and accomplishments. This article is longer then some of the other links listed.

Wired: The Development of the Atomic Model – Article about the development of the atomic model and how it changed. A video is available at the end of the article.

The Physics Hypertextbook: Atomic Models – Article is in an outline form and discusses atomic models of: Rutherford, Bohr, Schrodingder, Pauli, and Dirac and includes mathematical formulas.

APS Physics: Color Me Physics – Free downloadable and printable activity book featuring Abigail Atom – brought to you by the American Physical Society’s Public Outreach Group.

ORAU: Center For Science Education: Build An Atom – Learn about protons, electrons, neutrons, and how to build an atom.

Phet: University of Colorado Boulder – Interactive Simulation: Build An Atom Click on the arrow, download or embed it to use the program to build your own atom and find out what you built or play a game.

Funschooling & Recreational Learning: Scented Play Clay – Leave out the scent or keep it in to build toothpick atom models.

YouTube: Niels Bohrs Playlist – Biographical information about Niels Bohrs, and info about the atom and quantum physics.

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