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  • Recycle Challenge: Water Bottle Challenge 

    Recycle Challenge: Water Bottle Challenge 

    Before you throw that water bottle away, or toss it into the recycle bin, think of some fun and useful ways to give it a new purpose. Use a small water bottle or a gallon size. Make sure you clean it out well and allow it to dry completely if you plan to store anything […]

  • DIY Backyard Skeet Ball

    DIY Backyard Skeet Ball

    Make your own skeet ball themed game for the backyard or to take to the park. The follow ideas are only suggestions, please feel free to come up with your own way of making a game with this theme. Suggestions: Something to make a ramp out of: A box, small slide, wood and a few […]

  • An Icy Cold Experiment

    An Icy Cold Experiment

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  • Dough Thrower

    Dough Thrower

    Tony Gemignani, is an eight-time world pizza-dough tossing champion and has been featured on many shows.  It’s amazing what some dough and a little practice can do! Dough-Throwing 101: How to toss dough You can begin by purchasing or making your own homemade dough. The following video has instructions for how to get started tossing dough. How […]

  • Funschooling News #8

    Hi! Welcome to Funschooling News! Are you looking for some great family-friendly activities that will make your week a little more interesting? Then you’ve come to the right place! Be sure to scroll all the way down to the Special Days section where you’ll find a fun activity to do or an interesting topic to learn […]

  • Real World Science Skills

    Not only are we born mathematicians, we are scientists as well! Science is about exploration, observation, experimentation, comparing, questioning, predicting, timing, evaluating, measuring, preparing, drawing conclusions, theorizing, and many other things. Many of these skills are done so quickly in our minds, that we hardly take notice of it happening. Kids and parents can explore science […]

  • Niels Bohrs

    Niels Bohr  Wikipedia has the following information: Niels Bohr – Biographical information, Bohr model, philosophy and more.Bohr Model –  Origin, Electron energy levels, Tydberg formula and more.Atomic Theory – An example from the page: A scientific theory of the nature of matter, which states that matter is composed of discrete units called atoms. Old Quantum Theory […]

  • Robert Hutchings Goddard

    NASA: Dr. Robert H. Goddard, American Rocketry Pioneer – Article offers a timeline of Goddard’s accomplishments.Photo: Robert H. Goddard and His Rockets Smithsonian Institution Archives: Robert H. Goddard: American Rocket Pioneer – Offers a little biographical information, info about his relationship with the Smithsonian, and links to: proposals, patent info, grants received and more. Space.com: […]

  • Michael Faraday

    Michael Faraday

    Wikipedia: Michael Faraday – Biographical information and scientific accomplishments. BBC: History: Michael Faraday – An encyclopedic article about his life and accomplishments. Famous Scientists: Michael Faraday – Offers a longer article and a time line of his accomplishments and discoveries. FranW.com: Balloons – Information about balloons and instructions for the game Balloon Badminton. YouTube: Michael Faraday Playlist – Biographical information about Faraday and […]

  • Contact Juggling

    Contact Juggling

    HowStuffWorks: Entertainment: How Contact Juggling Works – Differentfrom traditional juggling, learn how contact juggling works. Wiki: How To Start Contact Juggling – Learn about ‘Shereplay’ and how it works. Tips offered as well.Wikipedia: Contact Juggling – History, types, controversy and more. Site offers information, pictures and a short video example. Juggling Tutorials for Beginners – Includes […]

  • Heads-Up: Coin Flips and Tricks

    For this activity, you will need a few coins, and paper and pencil Heads or Tails: Before flipping a coin, decide if it will land heads or tails. Write down your prediction. Roll a coin through your fingers: This is a great way to keep your fingers flexible! There’s an instructional video below. Disappearing and reappearing […]

  • Hoop Toss

    Sometimes the simplest items can make the day more fun.This activity requires only three items: a hula hoop, a length of yarn, and a ball.Outdoor Play: Hang a hula hoop from a tree branch and throw balls through it. Adjust the height of the hoop to make it more challenging. Alternately, if the hoop is […]