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There are a lot of different ways to tell a story! Here are some of the fun ways I encourage my kids to get creative when telling a story:
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Spark of the Day: Create A Spooky Sound Sentence or Story – Use sound words to create a one of a kind story.

Two-Sided Diorama – Turn a short story or rhyme into a two-sided diorama. One side the show how things start and the other to show how it ends.

Create A Comic – Comics use pictures and words to tell a story.

Pictographs –  Before we had a formal alphabet, people kept track of their history, stories and important records via pictures. It is still a fun way to tell a story.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words –  This activity is meant to inspire a story. 

Ed Emberley – Ed Emberley uses an unique story telling style that encourages the use of simple shapes. Get inspired by his style.

Make A Folded Hand Puppet – Any type of puppet makes a great channel for story telling. There are simple instructions for various types of puppets offered in this post.

Shadow Puppets – Shadow puppets have long been used to tell stories. Make a few of your own and tell your own stories with the instructions in this post.

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