Pentominoes are a tiling puzzle used in recreational mathematics. Each of the twelve (12) pieces are made with 5 equal squares that are meant to resemble the Latin alphabet. These pieces can be put together in thousands of ways in order to fill in a variety of areas in puzzle-like ways such as: 3×3, 4×4, 5×3, 3×20, etc..
Real-World Benefits
How these Pentominoes fit into the real world is not very puzzling at all!
They can be used to calculate: Volume, surface area, and perimeter.
Use them to practice: Symmetry and tessellations.
They build: Spacial awareness, problem-solving skills, deductive reasoning, and creative thinking skills. They also offer an introduction to elementary number theory.
Learning Resources
Below, you will find links for information about pentominoes, activities that can be done with them, puzzles that can be played online, puzzle pieces that can be made and printed, and instructions for making your own set.
What are Pentominoes?
Wikipedia: Pentomino – Offers an explanation of what pentominoes are, how they originated, and how they are used. Pentominoes – Talks about the origins of the puzzle, benefits, and offers game ideas.

Universal Class: What are Pentominoes? – Explains what pentominoes are, their benefits in the world of geometry, how to use them, and games that can be played with them.
Activity Ideas
Math is Fun: Pentominoes – Shows the shapes used more clearly and offers a challenge as well.

Puzzler.Sourceforge: Pentominoes – Puzzle suggestions to try.

Print or Make Your Own Set
Worksheet – Pentominoes – Generate your own drawing pentomino puzzles to print out.
CutOutFoldup: Pentomino – Print out the pieces needed and follow the directions on how to use them. – 10 Stem Crafts for Kids – Scroll down for information on how to make your own set with wooden blocks.

Scholastic: Pentominoes – Colorful, printable pieces in a PDF format.

Play Online

Scholastic – Pentominoes Game– Play on line. Pentominoes – Play a few puzzles on line.



YouTube: Pentominoes PlaylistVideos talk about the pieces and show how they are used. Here’s one of the informative videos in the list…


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