Wikipedia: Dragon
 – Information about this mythical creature, including animals that may have inspired dragons, plus European and Asian dragons. Also:
Dragons in Greek Mythology
Japanese Dragon
List of Dragons in Mythology & Folklore

Smithsonian Magazine: Where Did Dragons Come From – Article talks about the possible origins of dragons.

LiveScience: Are Dragons Real? Facts About Dragons – Article: The history of dragons from a cultural and religious perspective.

American Museum of Natural History: Natural History of Dragons:
Article: How dragons have been described through the ages.

Draconika: Dragons: The History of Dragons – How and where dragons showed up in history.

Mythology Wiki: Dragon – This is a Fandom page with information about dragons: How they are portrayed, attributes, and types.

The Guardian: Top 10 Dragons in Fiction – Pictures and information about the current top 10 dragons in fiction.

Dragon Tales

World of Tales: Here are some of the folktales that can be found on the site, use the search icon (the magnifying glass in the lower left-hand corner of the page) to look for more dragon related tales from around the world.
The Four Dragons Asian Folktale
The Dragon-Princess – Chinese Folktale
The Dragon’s Strength – The Story of the Youngest Prince Who Killed the Sparrow  – Slavic Folktale
The Boy and the Dragon – Canadian folktale
The Dragon’s Tail – German Folktale

Lit2Go: Stories from Around the World: “THE DRAGON AND THE PRINCE” (Serbia)- This story has a 16 minute audio file you can listen to or read along with. It can be downloaded as well.

Storyberries: Dragons – This site offers 8 stories about dragons that are kid friendly.

Sam & The Dragon – An illustrated story about Sam and a dragon. (IMHO cute!😉)

How to Draw Dragons
Each site offers step by step instructions.

How 2 Draw Animals: Dragon – This is an advanced drawing.

WikiHow: The 4 Best Ways to Draw a Dragon A mix of advanced and easy drawing methods.

Dragoart: Dragons – Site offers quite a few different types of dragon to learn how to draw, easy to advanced.


YouTube: Dragons Playlist – This list includes information about dragons and dragon activities such as: Origami projects, puppets, and drawing tutorials.
Here’s one of the videos in the list…
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