Plant Propagation

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Propagating Houseplants &

Making More Plants From Cuttings – How to make more plants from plant cuttings.
Gardening Know How: Starting Plant Cuttings – How To Root Cuttings From Plants – Types of cutting and how to root them.
The Balance: Best Plant To Grow From Cuttings – 19 Plants that can start from cuttings.
WikiHow: Plant Propagation: Offers steps to propagate plants. Includes pictures.
Wikipedia: Plant Propagation – Explains the process of plant propagation and methods.
National Seed Swap Day 
(Official Day is the last Saturday of the month each year.)
Save your seeds all year long then plan a seed swap!


Tower Garden: 7 Ways to Celebrate National Seed Swap Day – The author talks about his experience at a Seed Swap Day, why they are important, and how to celebrate the day.
Seed National Seed Swap Day 2017 – Info about the day and the benefits of going to one.
Days of The Year: Seed Swap Day – Information about the origins of the day and how to celebrate it.
The Herbal Academy: How To Plan A Seed Swap Day in Your Neighborhood – How to save seeds and plan the event. & How to Save Seeds: From Harvesting to Using Them – Tips for saving seeds.
Extension Services: National Seed Swap Day, January 31st, 2015 – Information about the day and how seed swapping was done by other cultures.

Check for seed swap days in your area each year.

YouTube: Plant Propagation Playlist – The videos in this list show you how to propagate a variety of plants, including fruits, vegetables, flowers, and houseplants.
Here are one of the videos in the list…


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