Dictionaries – Day #2 Alphabetize Your Family Members

Whether you have a lot of family members or just a few, today, you are encouraged to alphabetize in one or more of these fun ways.

  • Write down the name of your family members on a piece of lined paper, then alphabetize them on another piece of paper or the other half of the page you started with. Don’t forget grandparents, aunts, uncles, and pets!
  • Write your name or someone else’s name on lined paper, one letter per line, down one side of the page. Use capital letters.
  • Next come up with a word for each letter of the name you’ve chosen. Then alphabetize all the words. If your word has two or more letters that are the same, be sure to alphabetize those words correctly too.
How to Alphabetize:


🐞 If you have a little one, run through the alphabet with them so they can learn how to alphabetize. Sing an ABC song, read an ABC book, make a game out of the ABC’s, or play the Active Alphabet.

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