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  • Dictionaries – Day #5 Words Within Words

    Looking for a fun game that uses a dictionary? Try this one out!How many words can you find in the word… Grab a piece of lined paper, write the word DICTIONARIES on the top of the page, and then find, and write, as many words as you can using the letters provided. Each letter can only be […]

  • Dictionaries – Day #4 Types of Dictionaries

    There are all different kinds of dictionaries in the world today. Some offer a lot of pictures and are called picture dictionaries, others offer words for a specific topic or subject. Check your local library for various dictionaries and see if there is one on your favorite topic.There are visual dictionaries available on line, here […]

  • Dictionaries – Day #3 Dictionary Creators

    I personally think a dictionary is a very useful tool and was curious to know who was the first to take the time to create one. I also wondered if any other cultures had and used a similar idea. As it turns out, dictionaries go WAY back to ancient times in one form or another! […]

  • Dictionaries – Day #2 Alphabetize Your Family Members

    Whether you have a lot of family members or just a few, today, you are encouraged to alphabetize in one or more of these fun ways. Write down the name of your family members on a piece of lined paper, then alphabetize them on another piece of paper or the other half of the page […]

  • Dictionaries – Day #1 Build Your Vocabulary

    Get the week started by building your vocabulary: Download an app that will offer you a new word each day. Check your favorite app store to see what they have to offer. Visit and sign up for the ‘Word of the Day’ via email from a site of your own choosing or either of these sites:  […]

  • Dictionaries

    This week is about dictionaries: Day #1: Get the week started by building your vocabulary. Day #2: Alphabetize Your Family MembersDay #3: Dictionary CreatorsDay #4: Types of DictionariesDay #5: Words Within Words Connect with Funschooling and Recreational Learning! Facebook  Twitter  Pinterest  Google+YouTube Channel Patreon Note: If this, or any other post on Funschooling and Recreational Learning, has inspired you in a positive way, […]

  • What’s In A Name? – Game

    What’s In A Name? – Game

    What’s in a name? Play this fun word game and find out!   Set-up: You’ll need enough bottle caps or index cards to spell out each players first name (full) and either letter stickers or a permanent marker. Place a letter sticker or write a letter under each cap, or write one letter on each card […]

  • Spark of the Day: Words within Words

    Spark of the Day: Words within Words

          Here’s a fun game that you can never out grow, you just make it more challenging each time you play! Finding words within words has become a fun family favorite in our home, and I hope it will be the same in yours! What you will need: Lined paper, a pencil and a dictionary or […]